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Fire is Still Burning

Shamim Masih w- Family of Burned Alive Couple

Shamim Masih provides a bit of an update to Pakistani Muslims burning to death of the Pakistani Christians Sijjad Masih and Saima Bibi, their surviving family and Christians living in the same community. Then Shamim gives a brief editorial on the lack of a responsible response by the Pakistani government and the noxious attitude of Obama’s Administration in importing Muslim refugees of a radicalized background as refugees and almost totally ignoring the persecuted Christians in Pakistan and other areas of the Muslim world that do deserve refugee status.

Shamim offered two titles to choose from for this report. I used them both linking the second title to an original report from Shamim entitled “Rise Up for ‘A Cause’”.

JRH 11/18/14
Fire is Still Burning

By Shamim Masih
Sent: 11/16/2014 11:42 AM

ISLAMABAD: On November 04, a Christian married couple, who tried to get released from their bondage labor agreement at a brick kiln was beaten, stripped and tossed them into the burning kiln oven.  At a factual level, there was a protest against a Christian couple in different cities of the country. Due to some reasons, I went there after a week and found that fire was still burning at the place where the Christian couple was burnt alive. When the Christian couple wanted to get rid of [their] labor bondage, the owner demanded an insoluble amount for their release. There were around fifty families living and working at Yousaf Gujjar Bricks Company in Chack no. 59. Five of them were Christian, Shahzad (his real name is Sijjad) and his three brothers and one other family [member]. Late evening on November 13, 4 Christian families came there to take their belongings and went in search of a better living [conditions].

Iqbal Masih, Shahbaz Masih and Saleem Masih, three brothers of the deceased couple are now displaced from the place where their brother and sister-in-law were burnt alive. Around 30 members of four families are displaced recently. Sohail Johnson, chairman Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan – SLMP said that this is not the end, not only these Christian families are displaced, there are ten Christian families living in the same village [who] are under extreme threats. He said we are planning to provide shelter to directly affected families in this incident.
Although Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif visited the family of the deceased Christian couple and announced a compensation of Rs. 5 million and 10 acres of land for the family; HOWEVER I didn’t see, anything done in a practical [sense for] the [other threatened Christian families]. Mr. Sharif, please don’t tag the death with money, try to improve law and order and give protection to minorities of the country. [This] a sordid, disgusting and hate filled tragedy incited by a mullah. Should there not be laws forbidding mullahs to sermonize such demagogic language from mosques? Their relative, Javed Shahzad has been taking caring of these families since the incident happened, but for how long he will do as middle class member of the society.

Even if we believe that Islam is peaceful religion, how can we forget the fact that Muslims are persecuting and butchering minorities especially Christians left and right in the Muslim dominated countries?  Most recently, the atrocities of the ISIS terrorists committed against the ever decreasing Christian minority in the area they control in Iraq and Syria [is more evidence of Muslim intolerance]. The situation is not different in Egypt, Nigeria and Sudan. We have observed that Pakistan has given ample and repeated proof of its inability to protect minorities [from Islamic Supremacism].

In this situation, President Barak Obama, while heading a Christian State, is reportedly making Muslims resettlement in [their] Christian majority country to a dangerous proposition for his [nation’s] vested interests. He is allowing Muslims with an Islamic supremacist mentality to America. Not only this, [but also] Australia and England have been reportedly settling thousands of Muslims families including the Afghan and Shia Hazara community. While Christians in Pakistan experienced abuse of murder, rape, forced conversions, church burnings and more. But the Christian majority countries in EU, UK and American are strict to [not] grant even a visit visa to any Pakistani Christians. Most recently the National Cathedral [in Washington DC], a landmark Christian [Church allowed Muslims] to say [Islamic] Friday prayers. On the other hand, the way to Makah [Mecca] & Medina is out of bounds for Non-Muslims.

Pakistan (the State) has been witnessing a church in the US capital [that] was opened for Muslims raising tide of [Pakistani] moral policing in recent times with vigilante groups of both the left and right. And the [Muslim] majority taking upon themselves the job of policing neighborhoods, harassing minorities and running campaigns of calumny against chosen targets. It will continue until you stop the mullahs. The maulivis*** used the mosque loudspeakers to fan the winds of hatred. They do [this] and keep on doing [this] because there is no one to stop them. It will not stop until Christians [begin] to teach them the virtues not of passive but [rather] active resistance as MQM [Wikipedia and] did in the past.

Be Blessed,

Shamim Masih
Diplomatic Correspondent, Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, UN, F & S, MOST, CADD & Human Rights Activist

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***Blog Editor: I had a heck of a time trying to pin down the meaning of “maulivis”. From what I could discern from the old Google Search Engine, “maulivis” is the plural for maulivi AND Google does the “Did you mean” followed by “maulvi”. AND a “maulvi” is an honorific for an Islamic scholar. I am guessing an American comparison might be often another word used for Reverend is Preacher. If I am correct you get the idea. (Wikipedia or Oxford English Dictionary)

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