Thursday, March 28, 2013

What do you Really Know about Climate Change?

BHO Green Giant and Eco-Marxism

John R. Houk
© March 28, 2013

Cris Kurtz is a fellow Tulsan. We became aware of each other via our interest in ACT for America. Indeed at the end of a recent email it is signed with three links and ACT for America is one of them:

The first link is business oriented. The second link is Conservative and indicates Cris’ Counterjihad persuasion. And of course the last link is to the national organization of Act for America.

This mini-introduction to Cris Kurtz is because he sent me an interesting email that has ten numbered links each called “Inconvenient Truths.” When I first saw the email I almost chalked it off to Leftist propaganda being sent to me a Conservative blogger.

After reading the email closer and reading Inconvenient Truths– 1I have determined Cris is debunking the Leftist agenda of global Climate Change which leads to Eco-Marxism, food control and population control all of which leads to a deprivation Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness first express for Americans in the Declaration of Independence and then defined in the Bill of Rights portion of the U.S. Constitution.

Each Inconvenient Truths link is a PDF document exposing the fallacy of Climate Change. Below is Cris Kurtz’s email which includes the links to understand a global Leftist agenda via Climate Change propaganda.

JRH 3/28/13
Lie told OFTEN becomes the truth

Sent by: Cris Kurtz
Sent: 3/27/2013 9:16 PM

Earth on Fire and text 1
Earth on Fire text only

Earth on Fire and text 2 

P.S. HAVE YOU made ANY calls to YOUR Representatives or YOUR Senators?!?  I hope so!

In God We Trust,

Cris Kurtz
What do you Really Know about Climate Change?
John R. Houk
© March 28, 2013
Lie told OFTEN becomes the truth

SlantRight Editor: I edited Chris’ email from its original view. In full disclosure Cris asked in the ‘P.S’ if I call my Oklahoma Representatives and Senators. I changed that scenario to a wider readership.

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