Friday, October 8, 2021

The Four Car Pile Up

 John R. Houk, Blog Editor

© October 8, 2021


My name is John Houk. I am the Blog Editor for two blogs (SlantRight 2.0 & NCCR). Both are Conservative oriented.


I am providing this rare introduction to let readers become aware of a car accident I was in.


I was in a four car pile up in which our vehicle was the second from the front. My wife was driving and slowing down because the car in front was signaling to turn.


SUDDENLY we were struck hard from behind pushing hard into the car in front. For my part I was thrust forward by the first hit restrained by my seat belt. After hitting the forward car hard I was thrust backward throwing off my reading glasses and sun glasses to the back of our van (yup I had both glasses on my head.)


THEN we were struck hard again from behind. Evidently a fourth car was also not paying attention and struck the third car that hit us the first time. After this hard domino effect took place, the second strike was so hard my chair broke.


My wife could not breath, even with the seat belt her chest struck the steering wheel. Zero airbags deployed in our van.


I felt a little back pain initially, so at first I was not concerned for myself. My wife was taken by ambulance to the hospital due to chest pain.


My step daughter came to pick me at the accident. We drove to the hospital. When I mentioned I had a little back pain, she encouraged me to check in with emergency. Of course the mask Gestapo was to make me wear a useless mask.


After nearly 7 hours in the ER waiting room with my back pain increasing, the hospital gave a CT scan. The scan revealed I had a fractured spinal cord. After 7 ½ hours I was admitted. THEN the hospital did an MRI to determine how severe the fracture was.


The diagnosis came back that I would not require surgery BUT would need to wear a back brace 6-8 weeks. I am writing this in the hospital wear the back brace.


Well that’s my story.


I am unsure how much blogging will be accomplished while I am in this state. Blogging will proceed according to how much insane tyranny is thrust upon Americans of which I am one.


A little note about medical financials.


I do have a Medicare Advantage plan with United Healthcare. If my memory severs me well that means I have a $100 deductible for each day I am in the hospital. I am unsure of the deductible at this time for therapy which will probably be mostly home care.


If you are a frequent reader I would appreciate the occasional $5 - $10 - $25 – or more on my Blog links to PayPal.


Thank you for your readership.


John R. Houk


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  1. Good Lord! That was one close call Ol' Friend! Praise God that You and Your wife didn't lose Your lives or get maimed somehow through it all.

    I'm happy to hear that Your back doesn't require surgery, but I'm almost certain it will trouble You some from this point on.

    Take Care of Yourself and just Follow Doctor's Orders and Get Well.

    I'll be praying for You and Your wife that the Good Lord heals You both completely and You both will suffer no future ill effects from this.

    In the meantime, I know Your voice will be greatly missed until You can get back in the saddle, so to speak, and start providing all the excellent content that Your blogs have become known for over the years.

    Hoping the Best for You and Yours Always.

    ~ Justin

    1. Thank you Justin. I am just now beginning to check emails. It is still slow going but I believe things will get better day after day in Jesus' Name.