Monday, August 17, 2020

Multiple People Arrested For Not Wearing Masks in OC Grocery Store

This happened in the increasingly Marxist State of California so it is not too surprising. So, in Dem controlled localities under the tutelage of Communist Black Lives Matter and Communist Antifa, one can vandalize, loot, cause physical harm and a host of other felonies AND NOT GET ARRESTED AND PROSECUTED. BUT God help you if you go into a grocery store to buy goods with legal tender without a facemask that actual shows no protection from COVID-19. The police will arrest YOU!

JRH 8/17/20 (H/T NWO Report)
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Multiple People Arrested For Not Wearing Masks in OC Grocery Store – Store Manager Locked Them in and Called Police! (VIDEO)

August 15, 2020 6:50pm

California – Multiple people on Saturday were arrested for not wearing face masks inside of a Mother’s Market in Costa Mesa.

According to a woman who was cuffed, the store manager locked her and other maskless individuals in the store and called the police.

How is this even legal?

Over a dozen police officers showed up to the Orange County grocery store to arrest a few people for not wearing masks in public.

Costa Mesa recently threatened to issue $100 fines for being in public without a mask.

“They locked the front door and I was already in the building! And then they locked us in!” the cuffed woman screamed as police escorted her to the cruiser.

Bystanders screamed at police officers: “You support tyranny!”


A heatwave is currently baking Southern California yet authoritarian officials are still arresting and fining people for not wearing face masks.
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