Friday, October 18, 2019

NEW Docs Show State Dept KNEW about Hillary Clinton's Secret Email Account

JW Senior Attorney Ramona Cotca discusses Crooked Hillary Email & State Dept.

I got the Judicial Watch update about the State Department’s coverup of knowledge of Crooked Hillary’s secret but illegal secret email server on October 17. But the video was posted October 9. The info about crooked Dems is important enough to share even if it’s been around awhile. If it’s news to you, be sure to share on your Social Media connections.

JRH 10/18/19
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Posted by Judicial Watch
282K subscribers - Premiered Oct 9, 2019

On this episode of Inside Judicial Watch, Amelia Kohen interviews Judicial Watch Senior Attorney Ramona Cotca to discuss the latest update on the Hillary Clinton email scandal.



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