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Who are the Black Hebrew Israelites and what was their part in the Covington controversy?

By now you’ve probably heard the smear campaign against the students of the Covington Catholic High School at the Lincoln Memorial was Leftist propaganda aimed at the Catholic stand for unborn babies having life.

BUT I’m guessing you don’t know much about the real hate-racist group known as the Black Hebrew Israelites. Below is a Glenn Beck explanation.

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Who are the Black Hebrew Israelites and what was their part in the Covington controversy? Glenn Beck breaks it down

By Glenn Beck (GLENN TV)
JANUARY 23, 2019

'Where's the outrage over a group of adult men directing hate, racism, and anger on a group of children?'

Glenn Beck TV on Black Hebrew Israelites

[Blog Editor: At this point The Blaze places an approximately 7-minute video of Glenn Beck explaining the Black Hebrew Israelites. There is an embed code that may not work on my blog format.]

On Wednesday's episode of "Glenn TV," Glenn Beck took an in-depth look into the history, evolution, and ideology of the Black Hebrew Israelites, the group of men who verbally abused both the Native American activists and the Covington Catholic high school students in Washington last Friday.

"Before the Covington kids even showed up, there was a confrontation between the Native Americans and the Black Israelites," Glenn explained. "The atmosphere between the two was hostile, to say the least. It looked like a fight could break out any second. When the Covington kids did show up, this was the scene they suddenly found them selves in the middle of ... and then all of that rage, all of a sudden, was directed to [the Covington kids.]"

"The Black Israelites ... they redirect[ed] the hate onto this group of kids, all because they were white and they were wearing the red hat. That's it," he asserted. "So where is the outrage over what the Black Israelites were saying? Where's the outrage over a group of adult men directing hate, racism, and anger on a group of children, and inciting the Native Americans? Will no one assign any kind of culpability at all to these men? How is it that the group actually responsible for nearly all of this, barely gets even a mention in the story?"

Who are the Black Hebrew Israelites?

·       In 1886, Chattanooga, Tennessee, a former railroad worker named Frank Cherry established the Church of the Living God, the Pillar and Ground of Truth for All Nations. (Yes, that was the full church name.) He mixed together elements of Judaism and Christianity, and believed that African Americans were descendants of the original tribes of Israel. He preached that these Israelite ancestors were chased out of Babylon into central and western Africa where they were eventually sold into slavery by the Romans. He believed that Adam, Eve, and Jesus were black. Cherry also preached that whites are inherently evil and hated by God.

·       Throughout the 1900s, offshoots of Cherry's church developed into three main tracks. The "Black Jews," who adopt Jewish rituals but also believe in Jesus as the Messiah. The "Black Hebrews," who strictly practice traditional Judaism. And the "Black Israelites," who are nationalistic and furthest from traditional Judaism and Christianity. The group that harassed the Covington students in D.C. fall into this third category.

·       The D.C. group calls itself "House of Israel." It evolved from the black nationalist movement of the 1960s and 70s, which branded Christianity as a foreign religion imposed by white slave masters onto blacks. This group is on the extreme fringe of the Black Hebrew Israelite movement, but see themselves as radical reformers of Hebrew Israelites across the spectrum who have gone astray. Even the notorious Southern Poverty Law Center characterizes this group as a "black supremacist" group, placing it on the same level as white supremacy groups.

·       The current "Chief High Priest" of this wing of the Black Hebrew Israelites has prophesied that a vengeful black Jesus will soon return to earth to kill or enslave all white people. Small groups of Black Hebrew Israelite street preachers called "camps" station themselves at busy intersections in cities like Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore and Washington, DC. They rail against "white devils," which they believe are descended from a race of beasts spawned by Esau. Esau is the twin brother of Jacob (later called Israel) in the Old Testament. They also rail against promiscuous women, native Africans (for selling black Israelites into slavery), Asians, and call for the death of Jews and homosexuals.

You can hear a sampling on the viral video taken Friday at the Lincoln Memorial here. Additionally, you can hear more about the Black Hebrew Israelites in the montage below. WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE:

Facebook VIDEO: Black Hebrew Israelites

Watch Glenn's minute-by-minute break down of the events as they unfolded at the Lincoln Memorial between the Covington Catholic High School boys, the Native American activists, and the Black Hebrew Israelites below:

[Posted by Glenn Beck
Published on Jan 22, 2019

Glenn gives a moment by moment recap of exactly what happened in D.C. last weekend between the Black Hebrew Israelites, Native American protesters, and the Kentucky boys from Covington Catholic High School.]


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