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Join Eric Allen Bell in being Offended with Islam

Foolish Infidels- Sura 4_89


John R. Houk
© April 22, 2015

Eric Allen Bell posted a Comment to my NCCR post entitled “Teacher Fired for Telling Truth about Islam!” I became aware of Mr. Bell from his support to the anti-Mosque demonstration in Murfreesboro, Tennessee from a group that has the appearance of bona fide Radical Islam in ideology rather than the so-called Moderate Islam they portrayed themselves.

Now I’m going to share the titles to those NCCR Eric Allen Bell polls, but before that I have to confess I irritated Mr. Bell by characterizing him as a Leftist turned Counterjihadist. Mr. Bell did not appreciate the characterization of “Leftist”. I’m going to share his corrective comment followed by my attempt at an apology:

I am NOT a “Leftist”. That word is being used in these articles to discredit me because I do not follow a messiah figure or a deity. It’s been very well established, through many articles I have authored, that I became a Conservative when I figured out the truth about Islam. Please get your facts right. Thanks.

My attempt at an apology:

Eric I truly thought you considered yourself [a Leftist] – I’ll use a less pejorative word – Progressive, but had awakened to the threat of Radical Islam? I do sincerely apologize for the mischaracterization. As a Christian I am not exactly thrilled that you are not on the Gospel Train, but we live in America with a First Amendment. Whatever ideology or theology or lack thereof is fine with me as long as it doesn’t promote violence or the overthrow of the U.S. Constitution. If you send an email of your Conservative bona fides and a statement of your First Amendment Right to whatever religious belief or lack thereof I will be more than happy to post it. – John R. Houk NCCR Editor.

I don’t know if Mr. Bell ever read my comment apology for he never responded. I am just happy Eric Allen Bell is on the Counterjihad train. All Americans, regardless of political scale or religious beliefs should wake up that the Islamic theopolitical ideology would destroy the U.S. Constitution – especially the first ten Bill of Rights Amendments – given any kind of Sharia Law foot in the door of America’s legal system. The primary rights that I am concerned about being threatened are the First Amendment Rights:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

It doesn’t matter how each American interprets the First Amendment, in the eyes of Sharia, the First Amendment is not Islam approved. ERGO according to Sharia such an insult is worthy of death today rather than waiting for Allah’s future judgment in the next life. So in the eyes of Islam First Amendment supporters will not submit to Islam so atheists, any religious participants not Islamic, Leftists (or Progressive or Liberal), Conservatives or ANY PERSON not willing to submit to the rules of Islam are deserving of death – TODAY.

NCCR posts relating to Eric Allen Bell:

o   American Infidel - 11/9/12

As I wrote in the first paragraph, Mr. Bell left an awesome comment to my 4/21/15 NCCR post entitled “Teacher Fired for Telling Truth about Islam!” In essence my post their (and two other blogs) was about a High School teacher in Texas railroaded out of his job for disseminating the truth about Islam. Mr. Bell essentially cross post a video and the video description from his Youtube page made on 3/3/15 entitled “Information Age will be the Death of Islam”. This is so good it should have gone viral. Below is my part in making that happen.

JRH 4/22/15
Eric Allen Bell | April 22, 2015 at 7:27 AM

Published Eric Allen Bell
Published on Mar 3, 2015


We do not vandalize. We do not engage in hate speech. We have respect for the law. We do not harm our fellow citizens. We are slow to anger and when we finally get angry, we express that anger in a civilized way. UNDER THAT BANNER, I WILL STATE THE FOLLOWING:

Follower of Islam, I do not tolerate you. Your feigned or willful ignorance, about Islam, is no longer an excuse. I hold you personally accountable.

I am offended by you. I cannot and will not tolerate a person, who follows an ideology, which teaches the inferiority of women, the killing and hatred of Jews, the execution of homosexuals, the silencing of free speech, forced amputations, the stoning of rape victims, genital mutilation, and the violent overthrow of all non-Islamic governments and civilizations.

Islam is Nazism with a god. And I cannot and will not “coexist” with Nazis. I will not patronize your places of business. I will not hire you. I will not buy your products. I will not support politicians who support you. I will not be your friend. And if I am your neighbor, I will always be suspicious of you and cautious. I want you to feel so uncomfortable in my free country, in my civilized country, that you renounce your allegiance to this savage and fascist ideology or leave.

ISLAM IS THE ENEMY of free speech, of human rights and of Liberty. If you follow Islam, you are my enemy. I encourage you now to leave Islam and take your place among the civilized people of this world. But if you insist on remaining loyal to the brutal savagery of Islam, your enemies will grow faster than can be contained, by an Islamic lobbyist group or the media or any government agency. This is a zero sum game and the Civilized World will win.

ISLAM HAS BEEN AT WAR FOR 1,400 YEARS with freedom and all that is good. But my head is no longer hidden in the sand. I am at war with you. All people who value human rights, freedom and Liberty should be at war with you. And they will be soon enough, because the enemy of Islam is information and we are spreading information faster than you can keep up with. There is no way to put this genie back in the bottle now. The information age will be the death of Islam.

Your 1,400 year reign of terror is coming to an end. And you, follower of Islam, are on the wrong side of history.

It is time for all civilized people to find the moral clarity and the courage to GET ANGRY and to BECOME INTOLERANT. You have the ability to do this in a civilized way. We must not become like the savages whom we oppose – otherwise they win. Islam is Nazism with a god. Islam must be stopped. When you support the followers of Islam, you support an ideology that promotes genocide against the unbeliever – as clearly outlined in the Quran.


Tolerance is overrated. If you follow the Quran, you are the enemy of freedom and you are my enemy.

– Eric Allen Bell
Join Eric Allen Bell in being Offended with Islam
John R. Houk
© April 22, 2015
Information Age will be the Death of Islam

Frontpage Mag post by Eric Allen Bell:

The High Price of Telling the Truth About Islam – 2/7/12 page one and page two

Bell bio at bottom of Frontpage Mag post:

Eric Allen Bell is a filmmaker, columnist and counter-jihad activist.  He was banned from the liberal-progressive Daily Kos for writing 3 articles about Islam which ran afoul of the politically-correct mindset there.  He is director of both Global Infidel TV and Mosque Confidential and is currently in production on a documentary feature titled “American Infidel.”  You can read more about Bell’s conversion story in “The High Price of Telling the Truth about Islam.”  Visit him on Facebook at or go to

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