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Is the hen safe when the fox guards the henhouse? Part 1

Paul Sutliff begins the examination of infiltration into the U.S. government by Muslim purists.

JRH 4/9/15
Is the hen safe when the fox guards the henhouse? Part 1
 Fox Guarding Hen House

By Paul Sutliff
April 8, 2015 8:31 AM

What happens when the fox guards the hen house?
When a fox guards the hen house, hens disappear and become tasty meals not all at once, but one or two at a time. The protector plays at guarding while making snacks out of the items he is supposed to watch over. Is such a thing happening in the United States?

Flashback to 1991. Members of Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) in the US and Canada publish amongst themselves "The Explanatory Memorandum of the North America." This document went unnoticed until 2003 when a search warrant was served and a hidden sub-basement was found with 90 bankers’ boxes of documents of which this is one. In one paragraph the term "Civilization Jihad" is mentioned as the mission of the Muslim people in the United States. Specifically, it refers to "destroying them (the North American governments) by then and their own hand": This speaks to deliberate infiltration of governmental structures with the purpose of bringing about destruction. Is this happening?

According to
Admiral James A. Lyon
s, a former Commander of the Pacific Fleet the infiltration of our federal government is extensive! This is not some crackpot. He was the man our Presidents called on to get the job done.

This man is retired. Yet he was one of those who had Security Clearances to receive Top Secret classified materials. He probably still has active connections within the military and may be still utilized as a consultant for his vast knowledge.

What can the average man look for that would be indicators of infiltration that we could observe? Are there things that just stand out and say "LOOK HERE ANTI-AMERICAN ACTIVITIES" being carried out by government personnel?

I propose that are at least 10 things we can look for as average citizens and judge for ourselves if our safety is at risk because we have been infiltrated.

1.       If we are watching for Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of our government you would expect to see an inordinate reflection of the population in high government roles. For example if the US population of Muslims was 3% you would not expect to find 25% of high governmental positions are filled by Muslims.

2.      Obfuscation of historical facts would be utilized to paint a pretty picture of the Muslim Brotherhood which has a violent history. The more popular terms here is propaganda would be used to recreate the Muslim Brotherhood into an imaginary non-violent hippie type group.

3.      Compliance with Muslim Brotherhood front group demands is something you would expect of persons affiliated with Muslim Brotherhood members. Not something you would expect of the federal government.

4.     Questionable priorities would be apparent. This would be a shift away from making protecting America a priority. Possible evidence may indicate a shift to use weapons and intelligence against our young men and women in uniform.

5.      Questionable Alliances would be formed with known Muslim Brotherhood front groups.

6.     Guests of those who infiltrated would likely be affiliated or known to be associated with the Ikhwan in some manner. Visitation logs and guest monitoring should be able to reveal a change of mannerisms towards Islamist persons from less favorable to very friendly.

7.      Attempts would be made to place Islamists in positions that would disable the system from pointing the finger at the ones infiltrating. The best terminology here is non-acceptance of accurate intelligence.

8.     Replacements would be created for accessing information not normally available to the average person when positions become available. Excuses for replacing the natural next person in line for the position would be given.

9.     Occasional slips of truth may leak out revealing the true nature of the person(s) who had entered for the purpose of subverting or damaging the government.

10.  Promotion and acceptance of previously unacceptable behaviors. True leaders inspire other to follow. Those who infiltrate would likely choose to use others rather than inspire. There would be a lack of vision because the opposite of buildup is tear down.

Have we seen evidence of any of these 10 symptoms of infiltration? These are things that an average person would expect to see as evidence if our government has been infiltrated. Watch for more of this series, Are We Safe: Parts 2 to 4, to see what evidence does exist that questions if we truly are safe.

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Edited by John R. Houk

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