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Joni's Liberal Opponent Lied to Look Tough on ISIS

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Joni Ernst is running for the U.S. Senate in Iowa. She is serving as a State Senator and is a Lt. Colonel in the Iowa National Guard who was actually a company commander in Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq circa 2003. Just like Sarah Palin, the Iowa local media and national Left Stream Media have done their best to assassinate State Senator Ernst’s character. And just like America’s Liar-in-Chief Obama, the Dem candidate for the Iowa Senate Bruce Bailey has become a liar as well.

Dishonesty comes as naturally as breathing for some folks. These types of people are clinically referred to as pathological liars. They tell lies habitually and chronically for the purpose of furthering their own agenda.

Pathological liars are different from compulsive liars. A compulsive liar is dishonest out of habit. This person tells lies so often, about virtually every facet of his life, that uttering an honest word becomes uncomfortable and unnatural.

I am no psychologist, but if I were to offer an amateur diagnosis, I would guess that Democrat U.S. Senate hopeful Bruce Braley fits the definition of a pathological liar. We already know Braley is dishonest. He has provided numerous examples over the past few years.

READ THE REST (The Real Bruce Braley: Dishonest, Disingenuous and Disturbingly Liberal; By Kevin Hall; The Iowa Republican; 7/9/14)

Move America Forward Freedom PAC, the political wing of MAF, has sent a supportive email for Joni Ernst. Good for MAF Freedom PAC because when Conservatives endures malicious the news needs to get out to promote them. Below is the email (It’s up to you to donate or not to this military friendly organization, regardless remain informed and if you live in Iowa vote for Ernst).

JRH 10/8/14
Joni's Liberal Opponent Lied to Look Tough on ISIS

Sent: 10/7/2014 2:02 PM

The Weekly Standard has exposed how Joni Ernst's senatorial opponent, Democrat Bruce Braley has flip-flopped on confronting ISIS. In a recent debate, Braley claims that he voted for authorization to attack ISIS but TWS has shown this to be a lie!
Joni's opponent Bruce Braley spoke in Congress AGAINST the surge in Iraq.

[Iraq Troop Surge Debate - Braley Anti-Surge FEB 2007]

Braley was in favor of Obama's complete pullout from Iraq that allowed terror to re-emerge there.
[Bruce Braley Official House Congressional Website]

Now he claims to be in favor of stopping ISIS but in truth he voted against it.

Meanwhile Lt. Col. Joni Ernst is commander of  the Iowa National Guard's largest battalion, and has consistently supported aggressive action against all radical Islamic groups, including ISIL/ISIS.

"Each day that passes without meaningful action, ISIL becomes an even greater threat to our national security - both at home and abroad. ISIL must be stopped, but to do so we must have both clarity of purpose and a well-defined mission." - Joni Ernst Sept. 10, 2014

We must defeat Bruce Braley and put a real warrior in the
Senate - support Lt. Col. Joni Ernst!
Please donate today!

Braley Voted Against Funding Combat Operations in IraqThe Weekly Standard
October 1, 2014
by Michael Warren

Iowa Democrat Bruce Braley opposed funding any American military operations in Iraq this year-before he supported them. The three-term House member, who is running for Iowa's open Senate seat in one of the year's hottest races, touted his support for military action against ISIS in Iraq and Syria in a recent debate.

"I recently had the opportunity to vote to give the president limited authority to begin strikes against terrorists in Iraq and Syria," Braley said during the debate with his Republican opponent, Joni Ernst.

That's not quite accurate, as Fox News's Carl Cameron points out. The recent House vote Braley cited was to arm Syrian rebels fighting against ISIS. Authorization for United States's bombing campaign against ISIS terrorists has fallen under the authorization to use military force against terrorist groups first passed by Congress in 2001, the Obama administration has argued. There's been no separate vote in this Congress to authorize the recent air strikes.

But earlier this year, Braley voted for an amendment to not fund any military combat operations in Iraq. On June 19, California Democrat Barbara Lee offered an amendment to the defense appropriations bill to "prohibit the use of funds to be used for the purposes of conducting combat operations in Iraq." The amendment failed, but 23 Republicans and 142 Democrats voted for it-including Bruce Braley.

While Bruce Braley tries to talk tough about confronting ISIS, it's too little too late and we don't buy his story. He claims to have supported airstrikes against ISIS, but he was lying about that and in fact he voted FOR an amendment that would have made it impossible to carry our airstrikes against ISIS.

Luckily that amendment failed, but Bruce Braley has shown his true colors. He is a foreign policy wimp and believes in Obama's weak lead-from-behind strategy that allowed ISIS to grow into the dangerous group we face today!

Joni Ernst now has a slight lead in the polls, but this race is still a toss-up and we need your help today! Donate now to help Joni Ernst for Senate!

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