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Elsa Schieder PhD & Journey Understanding Islamic Threat

Elsa Schieder

John R. Houk
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I discovered Dr. Elsa Schieder (PhD) is a gal I became acquainted with as a Counterjihad proponent. Other than her Counterjihad credentials I really know little about her on a political spectrum. Somehow – probably via Google – I became aware of the World Truth Summit, which is a series of speakers and/or interviews of prominent Counterjihad writers. Since I linked up with World Truth Summit to view speakers and interviews I get the occasional email from her that highlights what is available.

Apart from the work she does with Counterjihad authors Dr. Schieder is a professor, writer and I believe a somewhat of a motivational speaker. For the context that I plug in with Dr. Schieder, she also operates a blog called none other than Elsa’s Blog. I suspect she writes other subjects other than Counterjihad; however my interest is only in the work she does exposing the dark side of Islam.

Here is an example of her work that is not so Counterjihad in a lecture with the same title of a recent book written – “THINK OR SINK. Good Thinking Revived or the Death of the West. No Freedom of Thought, No Western Civilization”; e-book)

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Published Apr 7, 2014

Elsa Schieder, PhD. THINK OR SINK. Big Danger to Western Civilization: No Thinking Allowed! Freedom of thought, freedom of speech, critical thinking, good thinking - all are in big danger in the West. In education, instead of critical thinking, there is much uncritical acceptance of opinions not founded on facts.

One question: who benefits?

This is the opening speech from:
Essentials of Freedom
Conference - January, 2014
Edmonton, Alberta

More at:

Conference speakers:

This video: Elsa Schieder, PhD. THINK OR SINK.
Good Thinking, The Ultimate Taboo? Dangerous!

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Citizen Warrior posted an essay written by Dr. Schieder in 2007 that is about how she became a Counterjihad proponent: Personal Journeys Toward Difficult Truths

At World Truth Summit Dr. Schieder also writes about her journey to expose Islam entitled, “ELSA, TRUTH SLEUTH: MY JOURNEY INTO ISLAM”. Here is an excerpt from that essay that is toward the end (so read the entire essay to grasp a bit of Dr. Schieder’s personality):

This interview series is one more try.

If you don't succeed the first time, try try again.

That's something I've heard.

But I've also heard, only half-jokingly, that the definition of a neurotic is someone who tries the same thing, and expects a different outcome.

That's why I'm trying something different.

We shall see.

I remember that, in the province [Blog Editor: i.e. the Provence of Quebec in Canada] where I grew up, the Catholic church seemed indomitable. Within a few years, it had largely crumbled. Priests and nuns left in droves. The "faithful" turned out not to be so faithful. But the religious fervor did not just evaporate. Next there was a lot of political fervor - seeing, not non-Catholics as the enemy, but non French-Canadians. A complex story.

Anyway, once more I feel within a complex situation. This time I'm not a child. Much knowledge. Much exploration.

This time, if at all possible, I will be much more than an astonished observer.


I will end with more than one signature. I will give my formal signature, with my academic credentials. I'm proud of those credentials - lots of hard work, researching, thinking creatively, putting things together. Then I'll give my fun credentials, which you can find on The Idea Emporium.

Elsa, PhD
Psychology, Sociology, Literary Studies

Dr Zee, for good thinking from A to Z
Good thinkers of the world unite!
We have nothing to lose but our frustration

So now it is time to cross post Dr. Schieder’s email which piqued my interest because she examines the ideologies inherent in Islam [See Also HERE], President Barack Hussein Obama [See Also HERE] and Prime Minister David Cameron as ideological infections making the West sick. After you read this essay (which I am posting from her blog rather than the email sent out on 10/5/14), you should ask yourself: Are these ideological infections leading to a terminal illness?

JRH 10/6/14
Opportunistic Infections in Action - or The West, Obama, Cameron, ISIS and Islamic Beliefs

By Dr. Elsa Schieder PhD
October 5, 2014

Opportunistic infections. If your basement is dry, there won't be mold. Mold comes only if it has the opportunity - in this case, damp and wet.

Cancer - the disease gets treated. An additional vital approach is to lessen opportunities for it to take hold, and also increase the likelihood of getting rid of the disease - through diet, exercise, less stress, etc.

We daily get messages to keep our immune systems healthy, so we have less chance of catching whatever is going around.

My point here: The West is set up for opportunistic infections - like Islam, Cameron, Obama.

Some people are focussing (sic) on Islam - a dangerous ideology, in part a religion, in large part a political system. This is a crucial focus: we need to understand Islam, to recognize the dangers, in order to act against it.

Other people (and often the same people) focus on the West, the ways that the West is currently open to dangerous opportunistic infections, which wouldn't have a chance if the West were healthy.

I'm one of the people in both groups, but more in the second.
For instance, my book - Think or Sink: We Think or The West Sinks  - is on the dangerous current Western taboo against thinking. In other words, if people had the tools to think, and permission to think - including about Islam - Islam would never have been permitted to come to the West, and we would be taking massive measures against it.

Major restrictions on Muslim immigrants, for instance. Yes, many of them may be nice people. But they also at least name themselves as part of a religion and political ideology that is against democracy, against male female equality, against all other religions including through violent jihad, and in favour of the destruction of all systems except Islam. Those are not people it's safe to have in the West.

More on opportunistic infections, this time from the other side.

Islam - through the Muslim Brotherhood, for instance - is an expert at taking advantage of opportunities. And once Islam has gained a foothold, it's an expert at further weakening the host society, which should be taking measures against a force that endangers it.
Next big point. I believe that, right now, a huge opportunity has presented itself to Islam. ISIS. Millions of refugees, a majority of them Muslim.
A sane response: these are Muslims, and non-ISIS Muslim countries need to take them in. The West will, of course, take in non-Muslims, as most non-Muslims hold ideologies that are not dangerous to the West.

An insane response: Muslim countries tend to be inhospitable to Muslim refugees, so the West needs to be open to them.

Austria, population 8,470,000, is going the route of insanity. It is taking in, I have heard, a minimum of 200,000 new Muslim refugees - probably 300,000 or more.

Charity begins at home, I have heard. In this case, the West needs to be charitable to itself - to the majority of Western citizens, for instance, who want democracy to continue, who want religious tolerance (of non-dangerous religions) to continue, etc.

Think once more of a basement where mold is starting. If one is alert, one takes heed and takes the steps necessary to remedy the situation. When there is a lot of damp - as in the West, where there are lots of vulnerabilities to destructive forces - one has to do a lot of work. The payoff: a dry secure home. The cost, if one ignores the mold: health problems for the inhabitants, and slowly the destruction of the home.

All the best for all those who care and dare,


PS. I see Obama - and also Cameron - as yet more opportunistic infections. In a healthy society, they would not have had a chance, especially not Obama in his second presidential election. And now Obama claims that Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam. Only a seriously ill population would accept a statement like that.

PPS. Do Muslims, by the way, agree with Obama? In Houston, Hamas-linked CAIR - which would like to present ISIS as non-Islamic - held a rally. How many Muslims showed up? About 6-10:

PPPS. By the way, a piece of good news: more people are searching for information on Islam, than were searching a year ago - searching for keywords like Islam beliefs, Islamic beliefs, facts about Islam.

PPPPS. Another thought about ISIS. Saudi Arabia may not be enthusiastic about ISIS, may even fear it. On the other hand, the orthodox Islam (total pro-Quran) it has promoted worldwide, including through huge funding, may have set the stage for a force like
ISIS - which can also be seen as an opportunistic infection needing precisely the kind of environment fostered by Saudi Arabia and countries promoting similar ideologies.

Elsa Schieder PhD & Journey Understanding Islamic Threat
John R. Houk
© October 6, 2014
Opportunistic Infections in Action - or The West, Obama, Cameron, ISIS and Islamic Beliefs

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