Thursday, May 29, 2014

One Antisemitic Conspiracy Theory

Jewish Conspiracy Theories
Jewish Conspiracy Theories
John R. Houk
© May 29, 2014

I continue to be amaze by the Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories blaming Jews for the world’s woes and the accusation that there is a global Jewish agenda to rule the world. It is an accusation derived from ignorance.

JRH 5/29/14
May 13, 2014

John Houk Comment 5/17/14:

It is a good petition to sign

Ageof Craccadillia Response 5/24/14:

Then start a petition to remove the Noahide amendment.  It is anti christian first testament.

John Houk Response 5/29/14:

Ageof Craccadillia the Noahide Amendment (really better known as Law) was an act of Congress to honor Jewish Lubavitcher Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson on his 90th birthday following acts of Antisemitism against some Lubavitch students. The Congressional act (Education Day, USA) does NOT codify the Seven Noahide Laws, rather it honors Rabbi Schneerson. Lubavitchers consider Schneerson the Jewish Messiah. Of course Christians won’t concur. But you should know that the MAJORITY of Observant Jews NEITHER consider Schneerson the Jewish Messiah. Observant Jews ONLY follow the Noahide Laws as modern Judaism and the Talmud provide. Jews no longer stone people to death for moral sins. Rest assured Old Testament enforcement of the Pentateuch laws particularly in Leviticus have not been enforced in this nation since we have become and independent nation. All the Jew-hatred websites that warn of a Jewish New World Order centered on the Noahide Laws are simply a load of Antisemitic crap to scare unknowing or gullible Christians.


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