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Benghazi Bombshell: Allen West's Stunning Report

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The Conservative Campaign Committee (CCC) sent a donation request via email and in doing so talked about the subject of Benghazigate. Just a heads up about donations to this particular Tea Party connected PAC is that there appears to be a lineage questionable spending of those donations. Apparently this lineage of Tea Party organizations spend most of their donated money on salaries than they do on the causes they promote. Of course donation mismanagement accusations might be an attack job by the Republican Establishment elites growing weary of Tea Party organizations telling voters they can make a difference by not voting for RINOs and/or Republicans with a semi-Conservative agenda but refuse to change the air of political corruption plaguing Congress. A lot of fiefdoms would topple among Dems and the GOP Establishment that maintain the power structure of do-nothing to solve budget and debt crises in America (Perhaps there is a suggestion GOP elite response HERE and HERE.)

At any rate whatever you think of the massive CCC (and affiliates) spending of donations, the CCC email pertaining to Benghazigate is informative and should inspire voters to mobilize against the lies of Obama Administration not only against the Benghazigate cover-up but also the multiple obfuscating cover-ups plaguing Obama at this present time. So I am cross posting this email below more for information awareness than for CCC promotion. It is information being provided by CCC that should inspire the grassroots rank and file of the Tea Party movement to become at least a letter writing activist. Shoot! Even if certain Tea Party organizations are mismanaging their donations, the massive public rallies they organize should by supported on an activist level – SHOW-UP to those rallies in person at the very least. Feet on the ground is the next best thing to voting that gets the attention of politicians on the Left and the Right alike.

JRH 5/26/14
Benghazi Bombshell:  Allen West's Stunning Report

By Conservative Campaign Committee
Sent: 5/26/2014 9:56 AM
Sent by CCC PAC

Obama’s Terrorism Failures

The Washington Times [Blog Editor: Title and link to Washington Times story – “Allen West: Source told me ‘truth’ on Benghazi; operations ‘shrouded in a fog of lies’”] has an explosive report from former Congressman Allen West on what really happened in Benghazi - and how Barack Obama's administration has engaged in a massive effort to deceive the American people:

Wash. Times Excerpt - 5-24-14

Please, do not let those four Americans who lost their lives on that fateful night of September 11, 2012 be forgotten, swept under the rug by Democrat politicians like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama who don't want the American people to know about the lies and cover ups surrounding that horrific terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya.

Please review our TV ad
below demanding that Barack Obama be held accountable for the Benghazi cover up, and if you want us to keep the pressure on the Obama administration for this scandal, make a contribution to our TV ad campaign - HERE.

You can help us keep these ads running on the airwaves by making a contribution of any amount from as little as $5 up to the maximum allowed contribution of $5,000. 

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Ever since the Benghazi terrorist attack the Obama administration, with significant backing from the liberal media, have attempted to hide the truth about what happened.  To cover their failures in combating terrorism, they told lies saying it was not a preplanned terrorist attack, even when they knew that to be an absolute falsehood.

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Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and countless members of the Obama administration have lied, concealed and attempted to cover up not only the truth but their failures.  As has been his pattern of appeasement in the face of Islamic terrorism, Obama himself would not even call this an act of terrorism.

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Obama's Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said it didn't matter whether Benghazi was a terrorist attack or whether she and the Obama administration had lied about it.

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The Obama administration has dishonored those who lost their lives on that fateful night of September 11, 2012 and now they say it doesn't matter because it happened "a long time ago."

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It's time to hold the Obama administration accountable for their misdeeds.
We know the media will try to whitewash the seriousness of this issue.  We need to get the truth out as soon as possible, so please make a contribution to our TV ad campaign that holds Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton accountable - CONTRIBUTE HERE.

Again, you can contribute any amount from as little as $5 up to the maximum allowed amount of $5,000.

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