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Islamophobia, Phobic-Words and Daruna

Elsa Schieder
Elsa Schieder is a Google+ friend. I first became acquainted with her via her posting of Counterjihad speaker interviews through World Truth Summit. Elsa also operates a blog called – wait for it – Elsa’s Blog.

I haven’t from Elsa in a while. And not to my credit I have not kept up with my email. I found one of her emails dated December 11, 2013. The subject of the email is “Plans - and 1, 2, 3, 4 powerful new words, plus an old word we need to know”. The “Plans” part is really a bit of an update and a notice of future plans via some of her posts on Elsa’s Blog. That which caught my attention in her email was the part of the title that goes “and 1, 2, 3, 4 powerful new words, plus an old word we need to know”.

The powerful new words are used to juxtapose the Muslim Apologist and Leftist word meant as an epithet – Islamophobia. And the old world that may be new to you (it was to me) is an Islamic word – Daruna. Since Elsa’s title is a bit lengthy I am going to use some editorial largesse and shorten the title pertaining to her email and focusing on the “words”. This is an expose Islam and become educated moment.

JRH 12/20/13
Islamophobia, Phobic-Words and Daruna

Elsa Schieder
Sent: Dec 11, 2013 at 2:14 PM

We've all heard about the supposedly rampant Islamophobia - though I recently read that 65% of religious hate-crimes in the States are committed against Jews, and the other 35% are against people from ALL the other religions combined.

I believe we need a whole slew of new words, for truly rampant phobias.

You can read all about it here - and get it all at a glance, in one powerful image:

Or, you can keep reading here.

The first such powerful new word: Judeophobia - the IRRATIONAL hatred, dread and fear of Jews.

We already have the term, anti-Semitism. But that's such a mild term. I want a strong word for a strong reality - Judeophobia. It's growing not only in North America, but even more rampant in Europe where increasing numbers of Jews are seeking to emigrate, and so virulent in the Middle Eastern Muslim countries that most have no Jewish inhabitants. Judeophobia - or how could we have something like "Israeli apartheid" awareness campaigns, instead of worldwide "Islamic apartheid" awareness campaigns?

Judeophobia. This is a truly IRRATIONAL hatred, dread and fear. Or do we fear that we may get a death threat from traditional Jews if we criticize the Old Testament (the Jewish equivalent of the Quran)? Would we fear a fatwa against us, if we announced we are planning to burn 1000 copies of the Old Testament? Would we cower, lest traditional Jews come and murder us, lest cars and embassies get torched, lest there is carnage in the streets? Nope.

You may have guessed the second word: Christianophobia, the irrational hatred, dread and fear of Christians.

10% of the world's Christians are now being persecuted. That's over 200,000,000 people. That's right. Over two hundred million. Why? Are Christians doing such horrific things to those around them? No. They just are Christians, believers in their religion. And for this, they're being persecuted by Muslims - not all Muslims, of course, but quite a lot of Muslims or 200,000,000 people would not be victims of Muslim persecution.

And then there are Hinduphobia and Buddhophobia and atheistophobia and agnostophobia and also Westophobia.

If anyone mentions Islamophobia, I think a good strategy is to bring up Judeophobia and Christianophobia and Hinduphobia and Buddhophobia and on and on - with those phobic, in each case, being overwhelmingly Muslims. Of course not all Muslims. However, we all know that there are not millions of Muslims marching against this, standing strong against the dangerous, multiply phobic Muslims.

Those victimized by all these phobias are overwhelmingly non-Muslims.

Those with ALL the above phobias are overwhelmingly Muslim.

Those with only Judeophobia, Israelophobia, Christianophobia and Westophobia are overwhelmingly politically correct non-Muslims, self-identified as left-wing.

These words - Judeophobia, Christianophobia, Israelophobia, Hinduphobia, Buddhophobia, Sikhophobia, atheistophobia and agnostophobia - are gifts to you. I hope you find them not just useful, but powerful.

And yes, please do share the names and the link and the image. Here it is, again:

These words are, in fact, intended for everyone who cares about human freedoms, from freedom of thought to freedom of expression and on - the freedom to live in safety, physical, psychological and emotional. We need all the tools possible to protect our freedoms. Names are one powerful tool.

Do I have any other new words for you? Words that evoke loving feelings, maybe? Not at the moment. But I do have a word you may love to know about (and some of you will know it already).


"Islam is very practical. If it is impossible for a Muslim to follow the Sharia, then they are released from the obligation of Sharia. Example: a Muslim is supposed to pray during the day, but if they are not allowed, then he is released from the obligation. The Sharia even gives the rules for makeup prayers. Muslims are not supposed to eat pork, but if they are hungry and there is only ham to eat, then they may eat ham. Likewise, a Muslim is supposed to eat halal meat, but if the penal system won’t serve it, the Muslim can eat non-halal meat.  

"So all demands based on the Sharia should be judged by daruna. When Muslims make requests or demands, they are wishes and desires, not needs.

I have lots more info on this, including how politicians should respond to demands by Muslims, referring back to this concept.

In the meantime, Happy Holidaying, whether you've had your holidays or whether they're in the future.

As always, all the best to all of us who care and dare,

copyright © Elsa, 2012, 2013 - all rights reserved

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