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Political Correctness No Matter What?

Burning Quran

NoGuff sent a message defending the concept of burning the Quran. I am not really a book burning kind of guy; nonetheless if any book needs burnt in protest it is the Quran. I would not promote burning a book for the destruction of its content, too much of that has gone on over the years destroying historical records because the content was deemed heretical to a religion or philosophy. If something promotes an evil against Liberty and Freedom, I am all for burning a book in protest.

Thus, go get’em NoGuff!

JRH 11/16/11
Political Correctness No Matter What?

By NoGuff
Sent: 11/11/11

Hi. I sent this out to all my anti-Sharia, anti-Islam friends, but I thought you might be interested.


Hello Friends,

I was answering a comment someone made on my "Burn the Koran Days" video.
I hope you have seen it. On the related videos column I saw a link to this video:
"Burn the Quran Day Rev Deborah C Lindsay preaching"
posted 9/14/2010 

This woman, a Christian Reverend I'm assuming, is preaching against burning the Koran (in reference to Pastor Jones in Gainesville, FL), but more specifically, against Christians speaking anything less than the utmost pleasantries about Islam. In other words, she's against us learning the truth and speaking the truth about Islam. She calls this spreading hate and fear.

My first thought was, I am so sick of Americans who bend over backwards for our nation’s enemies, and Christians who bend over backwards for Muslims. I totally understand the teachings of "turn the other cheek" and "love thy neighbor," but this situation is not what they're talking about.

I subscribe to email notices from a Christian organization's online magazine. Every time they mention the violence perpetrated by Muslims against Christians (and that's not often) they always mention their "outreach programs" to Muslims, and call for more. [This is] as if they'd stop wanting to kill us all if we're just nice to them and give them things, and money.

And after all that we've seen and endured, I'm not at all surprised if someone wants to burn a Koran, or even if our entire nation wants to [as well]. And the entire Left in this country, including the press, sees doing so as far, far worse crimes than the cold-blooded murders the Muslims commit. Because they're killing Christians, not committing the heinous crime of burning books.

Please see this video about this pattern. It is commentator S.E. Cupp being interviewed about her book "Losing Our Religion: Behind the Liberal Media's Attack on Christianity."
"FOX: Behind the Liberal Media's Assault on Christianity"

Back to the original topic: At 2:30 into the video Rev. Lindsay says "I can assure you, there is nothing in the Gospels, there is nothing in the teaching of Jesus Christ, that says anything about burning the holy text of other traditions." "The proposed burning of the Koran is obscene." "It is insanity." She says we must have a "willingness to learn, to have our own ideas challenged, our convictions questioned."

She even goes on to speak for Jesus Christ in this matter, she says the Koran is the Word of God, and equates Mohammad with Adam, Moses, Abraham, and even Jesus Christ. She says Islam means "peaceful surrender to the Word of God," not the correct translation which is "submit."

I couldn't go on past this point in the video I was so stunned.

I'm honestly at a loss to describe just how wrong she is about each of those points. I hope Pastor Todd at the Channel GodsMessageForToday can help me with his eloquence.

I'm not the most knowledgeable man when it comes to the Bible, and about whether or not is says to burn the Koran, but I do know this: It is no sin to reveal the truth, to reveal evil, or to destroy evil. And I know the Koran is evil, as those who practice Islam worship Satan.

Below are links to a series of videos that I've shared before, but just in case you didn't get them, I wanted to include them here for this message. They are videos by Ann Barnhardt, and she will tell you exactly what it says in the Koran. The "Graham" videos are all about that. The "Islamic Sexuality" videos will reveal the cultural side of Islam (evil things taught and sanctioned by Islam -- in the Koran). And yes, it will make you sick. But please watch: it’s better to be informed when one day you are challenged on your convictions.

"Ann Barnhardt "Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil" Part 1 of 4"


Thank you very much. I'm very sorry this message is so long. And yes, I am open to contrary opinions.

May God bless you and yours, and our great nation.


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