Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Rick Perry Plan

Rick Perry

John R. Houk
© November 9, 2011

I have been haphazardly examining the tax plans from GOP candidates for Election 2012. Where the tax plan has been weak I have included the candidate’s economic-budget plan to aright America’s boat:

·       Herman Cain Tax Plan

The next candidate up is Governor Rick Perry’s plan. There is a GOP debate tonight and I am curious how much the debate will focus on the issues Republicans wish to know about. My curiosity stems from Herman Cain’s scandal situation which may or may not be politically motivated rather than the actual truth of Cain’s business past. As of this post I have not read about Cain’s response to Sharon Bialek’s rather detailed account of sexual impropriety. Also one of the three so-called anonymous gals has also come forward and I have not had time to read about that accusation. I am wondering how much or if any of this attack on Cain’s personal life from over decade ago that never went through any legal examination will be a part of tonight’s debate.

Below is Rick Perry writing about his tax plan posted in the Wall Street Journal. Below the glowing Perry article is a more analytical examination of Perry’s tax plan from International Business Times.

JRH 11/9/11

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