Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Treason: Undermining the Constitution and the President

I ran into Dr. Garrow’s post on Facebook while posting one of my own threads. The post is relatively brief yet inspiring. As the Editor of my blog I added embedded links which I believe makes the post a richer read. Thus in full disclosure the links reflect my thought and Dr. Garrow may or may not agree or appreciate my thinking.

What Dr. Garrow is implying in a nice way, the Marxist riots ravaging America and actually receiving verbal support from Dems and the Mainstream Media undermines the Founders’ vision of a Republic dedicated to Law abiding Americans rather than a government Marxist principles.  

JRH 6/3/20
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Treason: Undermining the Constitution and the President

June 3, 2020 9:12 AM

Putting aside the kinds of differences in world view that have been obvious since the first Socialists took office in America, it would seem that the shoe banging on his desk and threat to "bury" America was as real as it could get. Since those days in the 60's when the United Nations played host to the Russian leadership flexing muscles that put fear into the entire world’s hearts, a new and different subtlety has permeated the efforts to undo the Capitalist agenda and lay waste to actual history versus speechifying and flights of fantasy.

By replacing real history with an imagined path that led from the rise of the proletariat into the suborning of the dictates of the elites and the notion that the common man was best served by replacing the order of things with Communist/Socialist principles the group think mentality replaced the responsibility of the individual. America's national psyche answered to a set of morals and mores that reflected the desires of a Supreme Being as outlined in the Ten Commandments. Love and forgiveness completed the evolution of the relationship between the created and the creator. Obedience to His Law and commands was empowered by the assistance of God’s Spirit and the renewing of a sinful nature with a clean beginning. Recognition of God as Supreme was clear from America's beginnings and formed the foundations of the Declaration of Independence and the development of a Constitution [Blog Editor: See HERE, HERE & HERE] amid hearty debate and thoughtful growth over time.

We have reached a place in time where what is being tested is whether mob rule would or could replace the Law of the Land and the social contract entered into by the Founding Fathers and continued for over 300 years successfully. The expectation that orderliness can rise from chaos or that wrongs can be righted through violence and reprisal goes against common sense and the foundations of the Republic itself. Those who would overthrow these foundations to be replaced by a notion that has failed to secure freedom and security in every nation that bought its bitter answer to repression have no answer but authoritarian rule by a new elite that has never proven itself worthy of our fielty [Blog Editor: I suspect the author meant fealty for there is a difference. Fealty vs Fielty – I’ll let you decide]. To overthrow the peace that is brought about by the social contract that has been the envy of the world is to place our bets for the future on a flimsy ghost of an idea. Let’s not do that.

- By Dr. Jim Garrow [Blog Editor: Here’s a brief bio in which the photo matches the Facebook version hence I surmise it’s the same person] -
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  1. The extreme complexity of modern life assists wealthy tyrannical elites with grabbing immense control over all aspects of life. Communism or other agendas are not needed.Mere immense wealth and controlling all or parts of monolithic corporations allows a few to lord over the many.

    Capitalism as it is practiced at the monolithic corporate level of economic life is in an unholy alliance with government at all levels; local to national. There is no way an individual or even masses of individuals can compete with corporate entities regarding influencing government or even society as a whole.

    One tiny example; observe how ex-presidents become influential multi-millionaires. This scam is legal. The politician merely needs to behave properly while in office and the legal rewards are piled upon him/her later.

    Monolithic corporations control the most effective propaganda systems ever created. Observe news media, Hollywood entertainment industry and TV output, advertising and even the propaganda dispensed in all levels of the educational system. The few have immense control over influencing attitudes the masses will never have. We are just along for the ride.

    Consider this... did any politician or bureaucrat ever ask if you wanted your tax dollars to import Somali Moslem "refugees" and support them for several generations with no sign of that support ending? Has the elite-owned tyrannical news media kept you informed of the ongoing huge costs both economically and socially regarding Somali barbarians? No? Search the Web and learn how diversity and multiculturalism is a weapon used by tyrants to divide and conquer a people, a society and eventually an entire country.

    There are tens-of-thousands of other items and aspects convincing me that tyrants and their traitor lackeys are seeking to destroy not only the USA but all of Western civilization. And the capitalistic system, modified by government and the tyrants they have an unholy alliance with, are using that economic system to garner political and other powers that will lead to the enslavement of the common folks throughout the West then further into the 2nd- and 3rd-world lands.