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279 Companies Supporting Violent Antifa & Black Lives Matter

A Cross Post by John R. Houk, Blog Editor
© June 8, 2020

Ashley Rae Goldenberg compiled a list of companies supporting Marxist inspired Black Live Matter and Antifa in the recent and ongoing chaos to destroy property, the rule of law and livelihoods using George Floyd’s murder by a Minneapolis Police Officer as an excuse to violently transform America from the land of Liberty into a totalitarian Communist State.

(SEE article on BLM and Antifa:

I found the information from the cross posting of Tim Brown at The Washington Standard (dated 6/6/20). Goldenberg first published the info at Medium on 6/3/20.

Chances are you have patronized these businesses in one way or another. I am not calling for a boycott. RATHER go to the business you patronize and let them know how the vandalism, looting, livelihood destruction has affected you. If you are a looter and patronize these businesses perhaps let them know how thankful you are that they supported your thieving destructive ways.

I am combing The Washington Standard and Medium posts because although the list is the same, the journalistic content is a bit different. I’ll be using the Medium list only because I like its formatting better.

JRH 6/8/20
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A Complete List Of Companies Supporting ANTIFA & Black Lives Matter – Just In Case You Want To Know Who Wants You Dead & Overturn The Culture

June 6, 2020

One would think that the united States intelligence services would know this kind of stuff, along with the elites supporting the same criminals involved and actually bring justice against those funding these thugs.  Actually, maybe they do have it and they are just looking the other way to implement the agenda of their masters.  In either case, it’s important that the people know exactly which companies are supporting these criminals that are not protesting, but engaged in insurrection and crimes against the people in the US.

With that said, Ashley Rae Goldenberg produced a comprehensive list of companies that are supporting ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter.

Currently, Ashley is an investigative journalist who is out of work so, if you would like to donate to thank her for the list, please do so via PayPal or Patreon.

Here’s the list. [Blog Editor: In my browser the is listed as “410” as broken or nonexistent.]

Companies defending the rioters: [The Washington Standard version of the list]

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown is an author and Editor at,, and He is husband to his "more precious than rubies" wife, father of 10 "mighty arrows", jack of all trades, Christian and lover of liberty. He resides in the U.S. occupied Great State of South Carolina. . Follow Tim on Twitter. Also check him out on Gab, Minds, MeWe, Spreely, Mumbl It and Steemit
Here Are The Companies That Support Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Want You Dead

June 3, 2020

Hi! This is a list of all of the “woke” companies (and brands) that are supporting violent protests across the United States. Despite the chaos, destruction, and deaths, “woke” companies across the country have still come out in support of #BlackLivesMatter, Antifa terrorists, and general criminals.

Please consider using this list to guide in what businesses you wish to support. Please also consider using this list the next time someone makes the argument that we are living in a white supremacist country with institutionalized racism. If major companies consider supporting violent rioters and looters good for their bottom line, your cause isn’t oppressed.

To keep this list from becoming unwieldy, I’m only including one statement per company. Many of these companies have issued multiple statements in support of the insurrection across the country, some even fighting in the comments section with fans, but it’s overwhelming as it is.

Please feel free to contact me on Twitter if you find anything you’d like to contribute to this list. I’m more likely to see your contribution to this list if you follow and tweet at me or DM me directly. If you found this list useful, please consider making a contribution (via PayPal or Patreon for now) to help me out. You are under no obligation, but I am an investigative reporter out of work, which is why I have enough time to make this list and continuously update it.

*A note on some of the comments I’ve received: quite a few of the statements are generic “racism is bad” statements. That is true. However, these companies would not be coming out with any public statements about racism, and especially not any public statements declaring “Black Lives Matter,” if not for the current riots occurring now all around the world. The timing is not a mere coincidence. Therefore, when a company posts that it is in “solidarity” with the black community now, the company actually means solidarity with the riots.

**If you are using Firefox, the archive links may not work for you. Please consider switching to Brave, a preferred browser created by a fellow thought criminal.

Thank you.

Companies defending the rioters:

1.    23andme:
2.    72andSunny:
3.    AbbVie:
4.    Abbey Road Studios:
5.    The Academy (the Oscars):
6.    Activision Blizzard:
7.    Adidas:
8.    Airbnb:
9.    Alaska Airlines:
10.                    Amazon:
11.                    AMD:
12.                    American Airlines:
13.                    American Express:
14.                    American Apparel:
15.                    Apple Music:
16.                    Ancestry:
17.                    Armani:
18.                    Astro Gaming:
19.                    AT&T:
20.                    Atlantic Records:
21.                    AWS:
22.                    AXE:
23.                    Barclays Bank:
24.                    Barnes & Noble:
25.                    Bandcamp:
26.                    Bank of America:
27.                    Bayer:
28.                    Bergdorf Goodman:
29.                    Bethesda:
30.                    Ben & Jerry’s:
31.                    Billboard:
32.                    BMW:
33.                    BP:
35.                    Boost Mobile:
36.                    Bratz:
37.                    Burger King:
38.                    Bungie:
39.                    Burberry:
40.                    Burt’s Bees:
41.                    Cadillac:
42.                    Call of Duty:
43.                    Capcom:
44.                    Capitol Records:
45.                    Canada Goose:
46.                    Cartoon Network:
48.                    Chick-fil-A:
49.                    Chipotle:
50.                    Chips Ahoy:
51.                    Cisco:
52.                    Citigroup:
53.                    Coca Cola:
54.                    Colourpop Cosmetics:
55.                    Conde Nast:
56.                    Converse:
57.                    CORSAIR:
58.                    Creative Commons:
59.                    Criterion Collection:
60.                    Crunchyroll:
61.                    CW:
62.                    CVS:
63.                    DHL Express:
64.                    Dell:
65.                    Degree:
66.                    Devolver Digital:
67.                    DIRECTV:
68.                    Discord:
69.                    Disney:
70.                    Dollar Shave Club:
71.                    Doritos:
72.                    DoorDash:
73.                    Doulingo:
74.                    Dribbble:
75.                    Dropbox:
76.                    E! News:
77.                    EA:
78.                    Eaton:
79.                    eBay:
80.                    Eight Sleep:
81.                    ESPN:
82.                    Etsy:
83.                    FedEx:
84.                    Fender:
85.                    Figma:
86.                    FILA:
87.                    Fitbit:
88.                    Foot Locker:
89.                    Formula 1:
90.                    FOX:
91.                    Frosted Mini Wheats:
92.                    Funimation:
93.                    GameSpot:
94.                    Gartner:
95.                    Gatorade:
96.                    Genentech:
97.                    General Motors:
98.                    Gibson:
99.                    Glossier:
100.                GoDaddy:
101.                Goldman Sachs:
102.                GoFundMe:
103.                Google:
104.                GoPro:
105.                Gorilla Glue:
106.                Grammarly:
107.                Grindr:
108.                Guerilla Collective:
109.                Gumroad:
110.                Gushers:
111.                Habitat for Humanity:
112.                Harry’s:
113.                HBO:
114.                HBO Max:
115.                Headup:
116.                Help Scout:
117.                Hershey’s:
118.                H&M:
119.                Home Depot:
120.                Honda:
121.                HP:
122.                Hulu:
123.                Humana:
124.                Humble Bundle:
125.                HyperX:
126.                IBM:
127.                IKEA:
128.                IMAX:
129.                Indiegogo:
131.                Intel:
132.                Invision:
133.                ITV:
134.                Kickstarter:
135.                Lacoste:
136.                Lego:
137.                Levi’s:
138.                Lenovo:
139.                Lexus:
140.                LinkedIn:
141.                L’Oreal Paris:
142.                Logitech:
143.                Lowe’s:
144.                Lucky Brand:
145.                Lululemon:
146.                Lumosity:
147.                Louis Vuitton:
148.                Lyft:
149.                Madden NFL 20:
150.                Marvel Entertainment:
151.                Mastercard:
152.                MATTEL:
153.                McAfee:
154.                McDonald’s:
155.                Merck:
156.                Mercedes Benz:
157.                Met Life:
158.                Metropolitan Opera:
159.                Microsoft:
160.                MOD Pizza:
161.                Mozilla:
162.                Napster:
163.                NASCAR:
164.                Ncsoft:
165.                Netflix:
166.                New Balance:
167.                New York Life:
168.                NFL:
169.                NHL:
170.                Niantic:
171.                Nickelodeon:
172.                Nike:
173.                Nintendo:
174.                Nordstrom:
175.                North Face:
176.                Old Spice:
177.                OnlyFans:
178.                Oreo:
179.                Paramount Pictures:
180.                Paramount Network:
181.                Patreon:
182.                Peloton:
183.                Pepsi Co:
184.                Pfizer Inc:
185.                Playstation:
186.                Plex:
187.                Pokemon:
188.                Popeye’s Chicken:
189.                Pop-Tarts:
190.                Pornhub:
191.                Porsche:
192.                Pringles:
193.                Procter & Gamble:
194.                Puget Systems:
195.                PUMA:
196.                Pusheen:
197.                Qualcomm:
198.                Quicken Loans:
199.                Reddit:
200.                RedHat:
201.                Red Lobster:
202.                Red Wing:
203.                Reebok:
204.                Reese’s:
205.                Rice Krispies:
206.                Riot Games:
207.                Ritz:
208.                Rockstar Games:
209.                Salesforce:
210.                Sanofi:
211.                Scholastic:
212.                Sega:
213.                Sesame Street:
214.                Society Generale US:
215.                Showtime:
216.                Sketch:
217.                Slack:
218.                Sephora:
219.                Shopify:
220.                Skillshare:
221.                Snap:
222.                Snapchat:
223.                Sony:
224.                Soundcloud:
225.                Spotify:
226.                Square Enix:
227.                STARZ:
228.                Starbucks:
229.                Star Wars:
230.                Subway:
231.                Supreme New York:
232.                Sysco Corporation:
233.                Taco Bell:
234.                Target:
235.                TBS:
236.                Tesco:
237.                Thatgamecompany:
238.                Ticketmaster:
239.                Tide:
240.                TikTok:
241.                Timberland:
242.                Tinder:
243.                TMobile:
244.                Trident:
245.                Tumblr:
246.                Twitch:
247.                Twitter:
248.                Uber:
249.                Uber Eats:
250.                Ubisoft:
251.                Ugg:
252.                Ulta Beauty:
253.                Under Armor:
254.                UnitedHealth Group:
255.                Vanguard:
256.                Vans:
257.                VeggieTales:
258.                Verizon:
259.                VERSACE:
260.                Vevo:
261.                Via:
262.                ViacomCBS:
263.                Virgin Records:
264.                Virta:
265.                VIZ:
266.                Vivaldi:
267.                Wal Mart:
268.                Warner Bros
269.                Warner Records:
270.                Well’s Fargo:
271.                Wendy’s:
272.                WeWork:
273.                XBox:
274.                Yamaha Music USA:
275.                Yelp:
276.                YouTube:
277.                Zara:
278.                Zildijian:
279.                Zoom:

Ashley Rae Goldenberg, AKA Communism Kills.
279 Companies Supporting Violent Antifa & Black Lives Matter
A Cross Post by John R. Houk, Blog Editor
© June 8, 2020
A Complete List Of Companies Supporting ANTIFA & Black Lives Matter – Just In Case You Want To Know Who Wants You Dead & Overturn The Culture

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Here Are The Companies That Support Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Want You Dead

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