Saturday, February 2, 2019

Leftist Defined

I found a great post about Leftists on the Secret Facebook Group PATRIOTS UNITED TO SAVE AMERICA posted by James Griffin. I don’t know if it is an original work or not, but it hits the nail’s head in defining an un-American Left Winger.

I edited the post in the hope of making better readability.

JRH 2/2/19
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Leftist Defined

Posted by James Griffin
2/1/19 10:18 AM

LEFTIST: One who supports globalism. Supports open borders.

Wants preferential treatment of invaders over natural citizens.

Supports deviant behavior over a normal family unit.

Hates the flag of their own country. Hates the laws of this land. Hates our Constitution.

Thinks America is evil.

Does not believe anyone should be held to account for their own actions.

Wants to blame society for one’s failings.

Thinks children should not be disciplined by parents or teachers. Thinks the government should be involved in parental decisions. Hates our Military. Thinks gender is a choice made after birth.

Supports pedophilia. Supports legalization of all drugs.

Wants the government to give education for free. Wants the Government to give free healthcare. Wants total government control over all citizens, Wants animal rights over human rights. Does not want free speech, Wants to shut down any opposing speech, Wants guns outlawed.

Supports radical Islam. Supports radical hate groups, Hates our police. Hates ICE. Hates our Border Patrol and any form of Law Enforcement. Supporter of the New World Order.

Stands against Christianity and the Jewish community.

Preaches tolerance, but is far from tolerant.

Hates Patriotism.

Thinks one small group of people should rule all countries.

Believes in high taxation.

Despises self-made millionaires.

Claims to believe in the American Dream, but is against anyone who has achieved the American Dream.

Elected official whose moves are above the Law. Elected officials that uses their position for self-monetary gain. Elected officials that represents themselves instead of those they are supposed to represent. Elected officials that do not honor their oaths of office.

Constantly divides groups of people and pits them against each other for personal political gain.

LEFTIST!!! Think about it, fellow Americans!! Are all Democrats Leftists? NO. Are some Republicans Leftists? YES.

All of our freedoms and rights are being systematically removed.

Where do you stand? I stand with our Founders, Our Constitution and Bill of Rights, And all who Stand for America.

Make your Choice.

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