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Donald Trump vs. Crooked Hillary Election Cycle

I have a bunch of Tony Newbill email submissions to catch up on. I am going to roughly break them up by themes. The focus on this post is Donald Trump vs. Crooked Hillary election cycle.

JRH 9/5/16
Donald Trump vs. Crooked Hillary Election Cycle

By Tony Newbill
Sent 8/19/2016 4:48 PM

Dear Team Trump & Mr. Trump, here’s how the Press needs to see the Future that they so want to Protect with electing Hillary Clinton!!!!!!!!!!

“Go right ahead and put Hillary and the Climate Change Communists back in power and watch the END of our FREEDOM. They want a Totalitarian system and the BOOT on your throat so get used to it”!!!!!!!!!!!!!    “Get Ready for the FULL Throat-ed BOOT cutting off your air as they Implement their Cradle-to-Grave policies disguised neatly as Equality”!!!!!!!!!   

The first link talks about how the Leftist ruling class establishment sidesteps all the rules they want to FORCE [their ideology] on We the People:

The Totalitarian Left

After reading conservative commentator Ben Shapiro's disturbing account of the near riot that broke out on a liberal California college campus in response to his scheduled, cancelled, then re-scheduled speech, my concern about the state of modern liberalism has reached critical-mass. That the modern liberal activist so readily embraces the suppression of free speech, threatening behavior and, in some cases, explicitly violent behavior is beyond troubling.

The country can't continue like this. A conservative movement that embraces free speech, however misguided in some cases, cannot co-exist with a liberal movement that works to actively silence opposing voices using the most vile of tactics—compare the cordial reception Bernie Sanders received at Liberty University, a largely conservative, Christian college, with the near-violent reception Ben Shapiro received at the liberal California campus.

I have seen this phenomenon again and again, even at the local level as both an activist and a candidate.

Aren’t we supposed to vigorously engage in an exchange of ideas in the hope of finding out what is effective and, just as important, what ideas do not work? If this is the case, then what is the activist left so afraid of? If their ideas are so effective at bringing about a better tomorrow, and their ideas are properly positioned on the moral high-ground, then why are they so afraid of conservatives airing their ideas?

But what liberals do want is power. Power is the mother’s milk of the all-powerful liberal, cradle-to-grave, nanny state the activist-left craves. So, although they realize they are on the wrong side of nearly every important issue, they believe that the acquisition of power is moral, and the means to acquire that power is simply a casualty of this ideological war. When you accept the fact that the activist-left craves power, and the ability to reorganize the United States using that power—and that this is their ONLY goal—then their speech suppression, violence, and totalitarian tendencies finally make sense.

Violence is not the answer here. Matching thuggery with greater thuggery is a path to national suicide. We must fight back with confrontation. We MUST confront this type of behavior by never allowing them to silence us. The voices to demanding you keep your conservative views quiet should act as a call to shout louder. Fight back. The next generation needs you, and it needs your voice airing the ideological battle plan to save the country’s future from the growing class of mini-tyrants who hope to hijack it. READ ENTIRETY (The Totalitarian Left; By Dan Bongino; Conservative Review; 3/3/16)

These 2 links show the Methodology of the Left New Totalitarianism:

For the Left, Totalitarianism Is a Feature, Not a Bug

I like to think of myself as a pioneer in warning about the rise of the New Totalitarianism in America, which is really not much different than the old totalitarianism. The most important difference is that the new breed is better at hypnotizing itself into thinking they’re good-hearted, compassionate souls who just want the best for everyone except, of course, the dissenters they grind beneath their jackboots.

I can say with absolute certainty that most of the people responsible for the brutal oppression of the Sweet Cakes by Melissa bakers would insist they are compassionate people whose hearts are brimming with tolerance and love.

Push them harder, and they’ll claim their seething hatred for the Christian bakers – their totalitarian urge to use the power of the State to personally destroy these innocent people – isn’t a black mark against their “compassion” and “tolerance,” because those bakers aren’t really people at all, at least not in the same sense that loving gay couples who demand cakes for their weddings are.

That’s what I mean about the New Totalitarians being the same as the old. We’ve heard all of their ideas, rhetorical tricks, and ugly inner urges before. You’ve got to break some eggs to make an omelette. The ends justify the means. Everything inside the State, nothing outside the State. Everything Obama-era “liberals” are exhaling today was in the atmosphere of Europe a century ago. How can our young people be so poorly-educated that they don’t find the spectacle of howling mobs demanding vigilante revenge against “enemies of the people” to be both familiar, and terrifying?

One of my goals as a writer in the Age of Obama has been to rescue the proper meaning of terms like totalitarian, authoritarian, and fascist. They’re not synonymous, although the ideas are related. They are all aspects of collectivism, the true and eternal enemy of liberty.

It’s become difficult to discuss any of this without immediately being accused of a “Godwin’s Law” violation.

If you want to defend liberty against the totalitarian impulse, you’ve got to READ ENTIRETY (For the Left, Totalitarianism Is a Feature, Not a Bug; By John Haywood; Breitbart; 7/10/15)

Hillary Clinton and the New, New Totalitarian Left

The New York Post reports that President Obama’s closest adviser, Valerie Jarrett, is responsible for leaking to the press that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton conducted official and personal business using an unsecured email server she installed in her home.

the Democratic Party’s internal fight is between the dying remnants of its ward-heeling, vote-buying, favor-granting power brokers and the hard-left, community-organizing, mob-mobilizing, race-baiting, wealth-redistributing totalitarian socialists, of which Barack Obama and Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers are guiding lights.

Hail the rise of the New, New Totalitarian Left (NNTL).

As Obama’s health care monstrosity transforms American medicine from an institution of healing into a hammer of ruthless state control and income redistribution and as his foreign policy continues to embolden Islamic State fanatics and the nuclear aims of Iran’s terrorist-funding mullahs, frightened Americans will continue to expand the GOP’s Congressional numbers despite its bumbling, inarticulate and incompetent leaders.

The New, New Totalitarian Left fears a President Hillary Clinton will have no choice but to govern much like her husband, joining a conservative-tea party congressional super-majority to end Obama’s “fundamental transformation” as we know it. READ ENTIRETY (Hillary Clinton and the New, New Totalitarian Left; By Stephen Z. Nemo; CDN; 3/16/15)

Now If Mr. Trump runs right up the Middle and offers up an Alternative solution of Hope for people to be free to make choices on how they can be better supplied instead of the  Force of a Totalitarian boot on their throat deciding what their lives will look like, I think the Ideas of Vertical Farming systems [Wikipedia explanation] located everywhere along with supporting the Cultured Meat Industry [Wikipedia explanation] in association would generate massive excitement and support from the Millennial center left and right voters along with traditional independents .

[Newbill links on Vertical Farming and Cultured Meat]

Did you know in the Mid-West is where 1/5th of the USA grain and meats are produced over the top of the Ogallala Aquifer region [Wikipedia explanation] the Aquifer is going dry?  And all the Obama USDA could muster up for Water Conservation in the area was $8 Million, while they SEND $400 Million to Iran????

USDA expands investment in water conservation and improvement in nation’s largest aquifer

Ogallala Aquifer Initiative Adds Focus Areas in Nebraska and Oklahoma

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced USDA will invest about $8 million in the Ogallala Aquifer Initiative in Fiscal Year 2016 to help farmers and ranchers conserve billions of gallons of water annually while strengthening agricultural operations. The eight-state Ogallala Aquifer has suffered in recent years from increased periods of drought and declining water resources.

Water levels in the region are dropping at an unsustainable rate, making targeted conservation even more important. From 2011 to 2013, the aquifer’s overall water level dropped by 36 million acre-feet, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. READ ENTIRETY (News Release: USDA expands investment in water conservation and improvement in nation’s largest aquifer; Contact person - Justin Fritscher; USDA; 11/9/15)

These are the kinds of Threats that is bring the rise of Communism and a Totalitarianism ideology to fruition!!! But we should at Least entertain in debate the New technologies out there in the links here and let the People consider what they want to do before we elect a Lie and a deceiving bunch of Ideologies that will swing the pendulum way far like Georgia Guide Stones [Radio Liberty explanation] far away from any glimpse of what Liberty ever looked like.

We gotta do this new way of supply to be able to stop the tyrannical ideologues who are suppressing this technology because they want Full Control over an economic Food and Fiber supply system [Wikipedia explanation] that under the current system is scheduled to run shortages in the next 30 years. And they don’t think we the people can make the right decisions, but we need to challenge them because Peace is only achieved with Freedom as the conduit between life and culture. 

Thank you again for your attention to this matter of fact, and take care in your efforts to making Americans Great again!!!

Report: All of The "KKK Members" In Hillary Clinton's New Trump Attack Ad Are PAID ACTORS
8/26/2016 3:02 PM

Hillary Clinton would like people to think that if you are reading this you are considered “alt-right,” and thus associate with the Ku Klux Klan and other racially divisive groups. She made this point very clear in a speech in Reno, Nevada this week. You, and the other 50 million Americans who refuse to support her candidacy, if you show any signs of supporting Donald Trump’s policies, are nothing short of a white supremacist.

Clinton doubled down on this sentiment with her latest Trump attack ad which likens all Trump supporters to racists:

Published on Aug 25, 2016

The Clinton campaign is really ratcheting up the portrayal of Donald Trump as a racist, white supremacist who sympathizes with and is endorsed by the KKK. READ THE REST

But if you know Hillary Clinton, then you know that every single word coming out of her mouth is designed to obfuscate facts and demonize anyone who might stand in her way of being elected to the highest office of the land.

According to Joe Wayne at The AntiCoIntelPro Show this is very much the case in her latest attack ad (above), which reportedly uses no actual Klan members, but rather, paid actors masquerading as Trump supporting racists.

And while Clinton hammers Trump because he didn’t immediately disavow the support of KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, perhaps the most telling aspect of this story is that it is actually Hillary Clinton who hob-knobs with racists, as evidenced by her comments about the late Senator Robert Byrd:

“Today our country has lost a true American original, my friend and mentor Robert C. Byrd Senator Byrd was a man of surpassing eloquence and nobility Robert C. Byrd led by the power of his example, and he made all of us who had the honor of serving as his colleagues better public servants and better citizens.”

As it turns out, Byrd is a confirmed member of the Ku Klux Man:

When Byrd was 24-years-old, he joined the Klan because he was worried that during World War II, he might have to fight alongside “race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.” Bryd [sic] wrote those words in 1944 to Sen. Theodore Bilbo, a staunch segregationist

Of course you’ll never see this report carried by ABCNBCCBSCNN, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

And just to prove the above, here is all the evidence you need from Twitter user Nat Shupe:

Nat Shupe

On the left, Democrat Robert Byrd in his KKK garments, On the right, Robert Byrd kissing Hillary Clinton.

 If anyone in this Presidential race is a supporter of organizations whose sole purpose is to divide the American people through race wars, it’s Hillary. (Report: All of The "KKK Members" In Hillary Clinton's New Trump Attack Ad Are PAID ACTORS; By Mac Slavo;; 8/26/16)

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