Thursday, August 25, 2016

Huma Abedin implements Muslim Brotherhood's plan ...

Tomi Lahren

I caught part of a Crooked Hillary speech on Fox News earlier today. She was supposed to lie about tax cuts for small businesses but instead Crooked Hillary took the time to warp the words Donald Trump actually said and did to make him look like an extremist Right Wing racist bigot.

The pure arrogance of the lying sleaze protruding from her lips was astoundingly crazy considering the documented broken laws she has been given a pass by the current ruling Dem Party elites to win another lying path to the White House by a deceptive Leftist.

Then I ran into a video from The Blaze from Tomi Lahren. AND TRUST ME, Ms. Lahren’s reporting is on only on a fraction of the crookedness of Leftist deceiver Hillary Rodham Clinton.


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Published on Aug 25, 2016

Huma Abedin implements Muslim Brotherhood's plan to destroy America from within (, with jihadist Hussein Obama currently and corrupt dhimmi traitor Hillary Clinton in the future if she gets elected. Islamofascist Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen, UAE, Bahrain, etc. have been the sponsorers. Clinton Foundation is just logistical tool. "Put the witch in the White House and you'll find out", narrated by Tomi Lahren.

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