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Although the video posted below from Knights Templar International on 4/20/16, the original Youtube video is about 4 years old. You should view it and be sure to watch it to the end. Toward the end you discover from the words of Arab historians that Saladin was NOT the kind compassionate Muslim leader that Muslim apologists and Leftist multiculturalists make him out to be. Saladin was quite the brutal hater of Christians EVEN at the conquest of Jerusalem. Contrary to recent propaganda films, Saladin did not allow all the conquered Christians to leave. Rather if the conquered could not pay a ransom, they were sold into slavery and the women into sex slavery.

I actually found this video on one of the Google+ Communities I belong to. Unfortunately, I cannot relay the proper credit because I neglected to write it down. Whoever you are, sorry about that.

JRH 4/22/16

APRIL 20, 2016

Saladin has been romanticised as a tolerant, chivalrous opponent of Richard the Lionheart and other Crusaders. But how true is this picture? This video uses the three most important Muslim primary sources we have for Saladin’s life: Baha al-Din, Imad ad-Din, and Ibn al-Athir to establish the truth.

Beheading of Christians, the crucifixion of infidels, the rape of women and girls, enslavement of Christians – plus ca change!

Uploaded on Dec 30, 2008

All citations in this video are to be found in:

Arab Historians of the Crusades. Translated by Francesco Gabrieli. New York: Barnes & Noble Books, 1993.

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How do the KTI make decisions?

Western civilisation is entering a period of existential crisis. A convergence of external and internal catastrophes is leading inexorably to a time when the survival of Christendom will only be secured by dedicated militancy in the teeth of demonic evil.

In this new Time of the Templars, victory will not be secured by sterile debating societies or by ‘organisations’ permanently disrupted by elections, vulnerability to infiltration and egotistical jockeying for personal status. Rather, it will be won by iron discipline and the continuity of effective, experienced and wise leadership.

Accordingly, while we are not a ‘secret’ organisation, our collective leadership is discrete and so safeguarded as far as is possible from the hostile attention of the atheist, globalist and Islamist enemies of our sacred Cause.

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The Grand Almoner – treasurer

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The Grand Marshal – responsible for security and the organisation of KTI events

The Standard Bearer – responsible for discipline within the Order

The Grand Scrivener – responsible for the KTI’s cyberspace operations

Two Grand Knight Commanders – Priory members without portfolio

Membership of this governing body is open to Christian men of any nationality or ethnicity, co-opted and replaced purely on the grounds of merit by majority vote of the members of the Grand Priory of Rosslyn itself, with outgoing members in good standing having the right to take part in the choosing of their replacements, who shall come from within the ranks of Knights Commander.

Our leadership consults and takes advice from experts in various fields within our ranks, and works at all times within the boundaries set by our Christian principles and the needs of a militarily-structured order in a time of blood, steel and fire.

Meetings of the Grand Priory are held either in person or through internet conferencing facilities as decided by the Grand Master and convened by the Grand Seneshal.

[Blog Editor: As you can tell by the spelling (and without further investigation on my part), the influence of this online community is British. The rest of the FAQ are quite lengthy ergo I’m posting the questions. You’ll have to go to the FAQ page to read the answers. Nevertheless the FAQ in my opinion gives you an idea what these guys are about. J]

Apart from the members of the Grand Priory, do you have ranks within the KTI, and can I rise through the ranks?

Are you Freemasons?

Are you political?

Can just anyone join?

Are women allowed to join the KTI?

 I understand your religious position, so now what are your practical aims? [Blog Editor: Here is a partial answer followed by a ‘READ THE REST’.]

We aim to build a fraternity of like-minded Christians around a common enthusiasm for the inspirational heritage of the original Knights Templar.

We seek to develop mutual comradeship and support and to turn our international fellowship into a living shield and sword for the defence of Christian communities and the upholding of Christian principles.

We have nine key positive and practical aims, to:

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