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Honor is Mandatory

Pastor Henry Madava

Intro to Shamim’s ‘Honor is Mandatory’
Edited by John R. Houk
By Shamim Masih
August 2, 2015

Shamim Masih writes about Biblical Honor. The tone of the post is in relation to the Glory Filled Pakistan Christian Leadership Conference held in Islamabad Pakistan July 14-18. Shamim in true Pakistani style called the meetings the “National Church leadership Conference”. The felicitator for the conference was Pastor Henry Madava and the organizations sponsoring the Christian event was Christ For All Cities (CFAC). The CFAC is an outreach of Victory Christian Church located in Kiev, Ukraine (I had to use Google Translate on the Church’s location page for it is in Ukrainian). Here is an excerpt from Victory Christian Church’s “Wellcome” page that gives you a feel for the Church and its Pastor Henry Madava:

Victory Christian church is a place where every person can hear the message of the Word of God, receive Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and learn to build true relationships with Lord and other people, find peace with oneself and also to fulfill his destiny. 
 Victory Christian church is a place for the whole family where by getting know God`s principles relationships between spouses, between children and parents are been healed, where close friends become even closer. Everyone here has an opportunity to develop oneself, grow spiritually, to spend his time actively and fruitfully. Our church is open for everybody. 
 Henry Madava is the founder and senior pastor of the Christian Victory Church network and the founder of the international ministry Christ for All Cities. 
 Henry Madava was born in Zimbabwe. He arrived in the Soviet Union in 1986. After graduating from the Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation, he founded the Victory Church in December 1992. 
 The mission of Henry Madava is to help people to find salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and to become integral to live the full-fledged life in society. Pastor Henry works on God's field by teaching and preaching God's truth not only in Ukraine but all over the world. Consistent and clear explanation of the Word of God makes his teachings accessible to everyone.  
Pastor Henry Madava is the well-known preacher and speaker at many conferences. He has preached the Word of God in more than 40 countries worldwide. As one of the prominent Christian leaders in Ukraine, 
Henry Madava is eager to see the awakening that would cover the entire Ukraine and the whole world. A lot of Victory Churches have already been founded in Ukraine and abroad. As an evangelist, Henry Madava holds Festivals of Jesus in different parts of the world every year. These are evangelistic healing meetings where ... (Wellcome to Victory Christian Church!)

I felt compelled into Victory Christian Church because it is so similar in name to the Church I attend in Tulsa OK (Victory Christian Center). In the brief reading on CFAC and Brother Henry Madava it appears to me he is an awesome preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here is a Vimeo video sharing the promotional Pakistan conference that teaches Christian Pastors and Preachers to be understand a Glory Filled life:

(I looked up the link for the video which was provided but other than social sharing Vimeo denied direct access. It could be because I live in the USA, Pastor Madava’s Church in Ukraine, access was limited to connections with Pakistan or all of the above.)

Frankly I am amazed, gratified and blessed such a conferences was allowed to take place in Sunni-Islam dominated Pakistan. This is a nation in which Sharia Blasphemy Laws are used as a tool to persecute devout and nominal Pakistani-Christians all alike. Here is a “Glory Filled” conference info excerpted from the first day of the conference:

The purpose of Glory Filled conferences is to equip pastors and leaders with the knowledge about the glory and power of God and to impart them with the anointing and fire of the Holy Spirit to spread the Gospel in their cities, countries, and nations.  
A lot of work has been done to make this vision happen. The Pakistani national conference committee has been working hard for the last six months to organize this big event together with the ministers from the Christ for All Cities. The largest venue in the city—Jinnah Convention Center—was booked in advance to hold this mega event. Its nominal capacity is 2200 people, and it can be extended by placing additional chairs. Special permissions were secured from different governmental authorities to hold this conference. Big promotion work was done in different cities of Pakistan to attract pastors and ministers to participate in the event. More than 500 pastors and ministers came to Islamabad from other cities, and the total number of registered people exceeded 3500. The majority of them came from the region of Islamabad and RawalPindi, the twin cities located in the beautiful mountain region in the north-east of Pakistan. The Christ for All Cities Ministries helped some of them to get to the convention center by providing 30 buses and vans that made multiple trips to distant areas of Islamabad and RawalPindi to pick up people there. In total, about 1500 people could have a possibility to use these buses and vans to come to the event.  
Pastor Henry preached from the Gospel of Matthew 16:13-16.Jesus asked His disciples, saying “Who do men say Me to be?” Simon Peter answered and said “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” Then Jesus answered and said to him “You are blessed, Simon, son of Jonah, for flesh and blood did not reveal it to you, but My Father in Heaven. And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” … (Bold Text Mine - Glory Filled Pakistan: Day 1; Event: Glory Filled Pakistan Christian Leadership Conference; CFAC; 7/14/15)

People have been jailed and/or killed for standing for the basic Christian tenet of faith that Jesus Christ is the Son of the living God. Islam specifically condemns this belief hence the belief is blasphemy in Islam.

I am presuming Shamim attending all or part of the Glory Filled Pakistan Leadership Conference. The subject of Christian honor has touched Shamim’s heart enough to share it with me and thus I share it with you.

JRH 8/2/15
Honor is Mandatory

By Shamim Masih
Sent: 8/2/2015 8:04 AM

ISLAMABAD: When it comes to being a follower of Christ, honor is a fact and way of life. Honor is a lifestyle of stopping to embrace the people and places that surround your life. Yet, so often in ministry, honor sometimes seems elusive. Speaking at the National Church leadership Conference, Pastor Henry Madava advised to bring unity among the body of the Christ. He said, being united doesn’t mean, to bring them all under one umbrella, we can stay united in different platforms.

Speaking at the National Church Leadership Conference, “Glory Filled Pakistan” international speaker Pastor Henry Madava said, as a pastors and ministry leaders, the truth is, we are called to show honor to all those around us. Sometimes, it’s blessing for us because we are giving what we have never received ourselves. Honor means, “To hold in high esteem, to regard with great respect, to revere”. Develop a culture of honor, he added.

Many religious leaders around want to be honored but have yet to be model that before their congregation. The truth is, honor has to be cultivated, and honor doesn’t happen by accident but is the result of intentionally living out a vision to lift up those around us. It happens as the result of an intentional pastor or leader that decides to sow the seeds of honor in how they serve our ministries to how they treat their ministers. The honor level in your church is a direct reflection of the level of honor we have modeled as pastors.

Honor is mandatory and Bible has lot to say on the subject of honor. In fact, the Bible calls us to live a life style of honor. “Render therefore to all their due………honors to whom honors.” Romans 13:7 (NKJV) and “Honor all people…….” 1-Peter 2:17 (NKJV)

We are called to live a lifestyle of honoring people, of highly regarding those around us. Often, as pastors, we take pride in being Word passed, but when it comes to our cultivating a culture of honor, have we embraced the Word’s call?

Be Blessed,
Shamim Masih
Pakistan Today, (About Pakistan Today)
Blogger and Human Rights Activist

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