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Apostasy Exposes Real Islam

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July 3, 2015

bangfarang comments on SlantRight 2.0 post "Setting up McCloskey and Hunt Thoughts on Islam". In that post I set up the dialogue between the Left leaning Multiculturalist Dylan McCloskey and the more Conservative and Counterjihad thoughts of William Hunt. The pseudonymous comments of bangfarang (I believe) are directed toward McCloskey (the Multiculturalist).

This bangfarang quote should intrigue you to read his expose Islam moment by highlighting Islamic thoughts on apostasy:

"What in bloody hell is there to be confused about?"

As Editor I added source verification links to banfarang's exposé of Islam.

JRH 7/3/15
Comment on 6/8/15 10:02 AM

Muslims constantly tell the world what the reality of Islam is and the world just as constantly doubts that something so preposterous could be real. Islam IS real. It enables Muslims' belligerent arrogance, arrogant ignorance, and ignorant belligerence. It is an excuse to be depraved, and one helluva lot of people seem to want one.
Muhammad FORCED Islam into being by threatening to burn locals alive for not attending his prayers (Bukhari 1:11:626). Abu Bakr later threatened apostates with the same fate. Umar issued a blistering ultimatum to Yazdgird III amid the invasion of Persia.
Muslims have always followed that example. Muhammad ibn Zakariyā Rāzī wrote 1,100 years ago that Muslims "forbid rational speculation and strive to kill their adversaries." In 1942, Ruhollah Khomeini wrote [Blog Editor: Do a "search" or a "find" of "sword" on this page] "Islam says: Whatever good there is exists thanks to the sword and in the shadow of the sword."
Abul A'la Maududi (d. 1979) said [Blog Editor: search this phrase on this page - not compel anyone] "We do not compel anyone to come into our religion. And this is truly our practice. But," he said "we initially warn whoever would come and go back that this door is not open to come and go. Therefore anyone who comes should decide before coming that there is no going back." Maududi also wrote "It is no secret that according to Islam the punishment for a Muslim who turns to kufr (infidelity, blasphemy) is execution....For [Islam's first] full twelve centuries...the total Muslim community remained unanimous about it. The whole of our religious literature clearly testifies that ambiguity about the matter of the apostate's execution never existed among Muslims....All [authorities] collectively will assure you that from the time of the Prophet one injunction only has been continuously and uninterruptedly operative and that no room whatsoever remains to suggest that perhaps the punishment of the apostate is not execution."
Sheikh Nuh' Ali Salman (d. 2010), onetime mufti of Jordan, said [Blog Editor: The second quote in red on this page] "Killing an apostate from Islam is without consequences." In the April 7, 2008, Al Ahram, Ali Gomaa, then the grand mufti of Egypt, wrote that [Blog Editor: Search for phrase "Muslims must kill" on this page] "Muslims must kill nonbelievers wherever they are unless they convert to Islam." In 2011, Mazen Sirsawi said "Beheading [apostates] should be easier than cutting the buttons off their shirts." And in February 2013, Yusuf al-Qaradawi said "If they [any Muslims since Muhammad] had gotten rid of the apostasy punishment, Islam wouldn't exist today."
What in bloody hell is there to be confused about?
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