Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This is what Islam Allows as Faith

This is Islam - Atrociities
In the post “Islam’s Allah is NOT the same as Christianity’s GOD Almighty” I affirmed that which the title proclaims. Denis Saldanha left this comment on G+ comments:
Why Christianity, it is compatible with none.
emma jones took Denis’ comment as a criticism of Christianity. I am actually not sure if it was a criticism. If one looks at this question enough one might either negative or positive connotations. If Denis’s query was in a negative sense, then emma’s answer is awesome. Indeed, emma’s comment criticism is insightful enough for a stand-alone post. You can read an edited version below.
JRH 2/25/15
This is what Islam Allows as Faith
[Arbitrary Editor’s title]
By emma jones
2/23/15 11:50 AM
Islam is the only religion with a holy book that allows:

--Murdering those who won't convert

--Having sex with 1 year old children

--Allowing people to lie if it furthers Islam

--Having sex with a dead body (Moe ham head did this with his dead aunt)

--Taking the lives and property of anyone who disagrees with Islam

--Cutting off limbs of people for crimes

--Beheading, burning people alive, rape

--Having sex with animals as long as you kill them and don't eat them

--Predicts a paradise in the after-life with 72 virgins for sex, young boys for sex, and rivers of wine ...... which would know as a Roman orgy in the real world

--Endorses slavery

ISLAM cannot agree with any other religion.  If a muslim leaves islam he must be killed.  So shut up if you haven't read the Hadith, Koran, etc. Are you talking out of your ass?

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