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An Easter Message from Israel

Here is a pictorial Passover/Easter tour of the Holy Land courtesy of Ari Bussel.

JRH 4/19/14
An Easter Message from Israel

By Ari Bussel
Sent: 4/18/2014 10:12 PM

Dear Friends,

While we, the Saturday People, celebrate Passover, you, the Sunday People, are celebrating Easter.  At sunset, as Easter Sunday ends, the last day of our Passover holiday this year begins.

I still want to believe that for many in this great country of ours, Easter is more than just the hunt and the brunch (family values).

As Europe closed for the long weekend holiday (and there Easter definitely has a true meaning of a religious holiday), I talked with some business contacts who asked, with some trepidation, what is my religious affiliation.

Allow me to copy and paste one of my replies and to invite you to join me on this pictorial journey to the Holy Land.

... Lastly, I have been saying all day long "HAPPY EASTER!"  We are celebrating Passover, which means we are the basis for your religion (the Judeo-Christian belief is one and the same - for our Bible is your Old Testament and Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi).

I do not know if you had the opportunity to visit Israel.  There is a relatively new trail called In Jesus' Footsteps.  You get to visit, for instance, the remains of a synagogue at the shores of the Sea of Galilee where he taught, ascending to one side are the mountains where the Sermon on the Mount was given (on the other side are the magnificent mountains of the Golan Heights, where once the Syrians, once a day, every day as the sun was at a zenith, would start shooting at the Jewish dwellings down below). 

Across the field from that synagogue and the house where Saint Peter lived is the Russian Orthodox Church.  Just up the hill the Catholic Church has a magnificent center.

And that is just to start.  Jerusalem.  Bethlehem.  Nazareth. 

An amazing country, and an amazing shared history.

Here are some pix from one or two of my visits there, for which I am particularly indebted to a very close friend - a Druze - Mendi Safadi.

Whenever you plan to go to Israel, be in contact with Mendi (copied herein).  It will be a trip of a lifetime!

Churches in Jerusalem, the Christian Quarter:

Church fresco in Jerusalem

Ceiling Fresco - Jesus surrounded by angels and apostles - Holy Land 

Christian Painting Church in Holy Land

Fresco - Nativity - Holy Land

Sculpture Jesus teaches Apostles - Holy Land

Sculpture Jesus teaches Apostles - Holy Land 2

Othodox Church dome - Holy Land

Holy Land scene

© Ari Bussel

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