Friday, June 17, 2011

If Life in America goes Sour, are You Prepared?

U. Sam - Survive Next Depression

John R. Houk
© June 17, 2011

Tony Newbill has sent an email with a series of links that portray quite the gloomy descent for America if our economic and infrastructure policies do not change.

Now this is how I am going to handle this email. I am going to the link and posting the article minus any inherent links that may be in the article. You should note I believe at least one of these links I have posted in the past on as an individual article of interest.

The YouTube links are something I will post in the order Tony sent them to me. I think they are a bit out of order. The essence of the YouTube comes under the titular heading under “Urban Danger” in four parts. As I mentioned Tony’s order seems to be a bit off. The essence of “Urban Danger” is to show how life was like under the Great Depression and moves toward today illustrating the dangers of economic collapse and terrorist or military attacks on infrastructure operations in America. The combination of a new depression and a downed infrastructure could push America into a situation of living worse than the Great Depression. Then one of the videos – the one out of order – offers survivalist tips under the worst case scenario.

Then Tony moves to a chain email that is entitled, “Capitalism, Gone without a Whimper”. The chain email is based on a Pravda online article that stipulates that President Obama’s spending and printing of money is forcing America in to a descent of Marxism. Tony provides a link that shows the article within the chain email is based on fact. I am posting the Snopes version of the chain email and you can tell from some bad grammar and a few misspelled words that the chain email evolved a bit from the original Pravda article.

After the Snopes chain email version there is a qualifier relating to the explanation of the original Pravda post. Here is that explanation:

Origins: The item referenced above is a portion of the text of a 1 April 2009 opinion piece (entitled "American Capitalism Gone with a Whimper") by Stanislav Mishin which was reprinted by the Russian Pravda news site on 27 April 2009.

Although the referenced item appeared in Pravda, it was not written for that publication, nor was it written by anyone on the staff of that that publication; it was a
Mat Rodina
blog entry which was picked up and republished by Pravda four weeks after its original posting. Discriminating readers should also note that the online version of Pravda in which this piece appeared is not the same as the newspaper which once served as the official voice of Soviet Communism. The latter was shut down in 1991, while the former is a Russian tabloid-style news outlet established in January 1999. While the name is the same, the two papers are very different, and the one doesn't have the pedigree or the history of the other.

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So below here is posting of the links with a slight interspersing of Tony’s thoughts.

JRH 6/17/11

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