Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The Power of ‘We the People’ to End Mandates Once and For All!


I first subscribed to the ACT for America email list during the days I viewed the anti-Christian and Jew-hating supremacist religion known as Islam as the primary threat to Christian and American Values of Liberty.


Ever since the MSM became the lying mouthpiece for Dem-Marxist Globalism and the Dem-Marxist Election Coup that followed during Election 2020, the threat to Christian and American Values and Liberty has been the transformation agenda of America’s own Democratic Party (which these days have come out of the political closet as Marxist-Socialists).


The CCP unleashed virus known as COVID has been the Dem-Marxist tool to silence dissent and maintain tyrannical control. ACT for America has adapted the battle for Liberty to look at the tyrants in OUR midst. AND THUS I cross post this email drumming up support to resist and battle MANDATES.


JRH 3/1/22

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The Power of ‘We the People’ to End Mandates Once and For All!



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By Christine Reagan, National Grassroots Director

Sent from ACT for America

Sent 3/1/2022 12:01 AM


This is the United States of America. We are a representative government, governed by the consent of the governed. The consent of the governed is conditional, resting firmly upon the foundation of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.


Until the Federal, State, and local government can no longer suspend civil liberties by imposing emergency orders in search of public health, our battle for freedom over mandates is not over.  

As masking dictates by Governors and local state jurisdictions begin to lift across the country, as vaccine passport requirements from government and state employers begin to soften, and as every Covid related mandate begins to unwind, we are still at risk of those freedoms being denied once again at the whim of these same tyrants. 

ACT for America is monitoring the status of all Covid related mandates in all 50 States! We are fighting for ‘We the People”; we are fighting for the rule of law to be restored through patriots like you.


It is ‘We the People’ who have the right to choose whether to wear a mask, not wear a mask, or stay at home. 

It is ‘We the People’ who have the right to conduct commerce and trade in the way we choose, whether in person, car pick up, or home delivery. 

It is ‘We the People’ who have the right to choose what manner of health and medical care we feel is best for ourselves and our families and the relationship between doctor and patient must remain private and sacred.

‘We the People’ have a responsibility, as stewards of our government, to respond, to retract our consent, and nullify the power of government, when it fails to serve the people, tramples on our Constitutional freedoms and denies our inalienable rights. 

Any official that attempts to enforce their ideals, philosophies, or fears upon another has no respect for the rule of law or the individual. 

We need to identify tyrants by their fruit and make sure they never get reelected or appointed to rule over the lives of the people EVER again. 

It’s time to put our faith in ‘We the People’! I believe in America’s Citizenry to do the right thing, not just for themselves, but for their neighbors. 

I believe that when the next pandemic, natural or manmade, comes around, the American people have a right to the truth without censor, have a right to learn all the risks, and have free access to all treatment options. 

Tyrants across the country have weaponized Covid against the people for far too long. They have used ‘Fear Psychology’ to induce mass delusion and put up a smokescreen to cover their eradication of the Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Medical Choice and Privacy, Freedom of Commerce and Trade, Freedom to Travel, Freedom of Information, Freedom to BREATHE! The list of freedoms trampled by these tyrants goes on and on! 

So how do ‘We the People’ fix this?

It is through numbers that ‘We the People’ force healthy governance! 

Today, we take back our power through our voice. We raise up our brothers and sisters, our fellow Americans, and we ask them to stand with us and make their voice heard and counted! 

It’s time for the People to take their power back, to stand together and end all Mandates. It’s time to restore the rule of law in our nation. We do this through the power of grassroots, creating a groundswell of pressure, a symphony of voices acting as one, sounding as thunder and lighting, and trembling as an earthquake beneath their feet. 


With ONE-CLICK, Make Your
Voice Heard and Counted!


ONE-CLICK amplifies your call for freedom to EVERY lawmaker in your State, your Governor, and your US Senators and Congressmen! 

Take the 2 minutes to send your email, sign the petition, publicly post on social media, and make a personal phone call. Take the 2 minutes, once a day, until this battle is won in all 50 States and in our Federal Government! 

We fight together and we win together! 

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