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America's Current Trajectory

Into to Smith’s ‘America's Current Trajectory
Intro by John R. Houk, Blog Editor
June 1, 2019

I join many Conservative observers who view the seeds of a Civil War erupting in the USA between seemingly equally divided sides of divergent ideologies. And yet many Conservatives believe such a collision course is an exaggeration thinking the mechanisms of Constitutional government will prevail in a civil society.

The difficulty I see in depending on governmental mechanisms is the continuous erosion of the Constitution and Founding Principles of the Founding Fathers by transformative-minded proponents of a Living Constitution forcing the legal whims of humanity to justify immoral culture, Big Brother Government Supremacy (ala Marxist Super-State) and the forced diminishment of individual Liberty and Christian Morality.

The remarkable irony is the Marxist-oriented Left seems joined with intolerant Islam for the united goal of eradicating Christian influence. It’s remarkable for if the united goal is achieved, the Marxist-Left and intolerant Islam would ultimately turn on each other in blood soaked violence for global supremacy.

Another irony is the American Left promoting border-free immigration in the name of Marxist-Globalism. The irony is a large number of Latinos flowing into the USA seemingly maintaining the nationalism of their nations’ of origin are largely Roman Catholic in Christian moral ethics and the ones looking for a better life espouse an individualistic work ethic that originally drove American  enterprise. Once a grateful Latino electorate empowers the American Left electorally, the American Left will crush Roman Catholic Christian ethics and any individualism to work toward self-betterment.

Justin Smith writes about the circumstances developing in America that will lead to Civil War when it is realized the Constitutional mechanisms of virtuous governance are impotent to preserve American Liberty.

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By Justin O. Smith
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Justin Smith standing between conservative American patriots and radical members of Solidarity - a communist affiliate, in front of the Murfreesboro Court House

In short, the American people are currently on a trajectory towards complete subjugation under an authoritarian tyrannical government or a Full Blown All Out Hot Civil War, simply because the current agenda of the Democratic Party and its hardcore socialist components leave zero room for compromise; conservatives cannot, and most will not, compromise with evil.

When we see two standards of law and "elites" being allowed to avoid prosecution, while others are targeted for criminal prosecutions by institutions that have been weaponized by the Left and Obama, we know the "rule of law" and the republic are dying, if not dead, and it will take years to repair the damage, even should Barr successfully find and prosecute all involved in the soft coup against President Trump, through the abuse of their power and the FISA Court as well as spy operations and other illegal means.

When we see riots in the streets over manufactured "wrongs" and the murders of policemen by Black Lives Matter, riots on campuses and the squashing of conservative speech, online censorship by Leftist Big Tech and the advocacy of violence against whites and "white privilege" by the likes of Malik Shabazz of the New Black Panthers, calls for the Reconquest of the Southwest by La Raza [NCLR & LRU], Conservatives and Christians physically attacked for carrying the American Flag i.e. Portland, Oregon ANTIFA -- all communist inspired and backed by Communist Party USA [CPUSA] and George Soros' "Open Society", we few or however many Conservatives full well know and understand that a concerted effort is underway, aligned with their Muslim allies of CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, to undermine and fundamentally transform America into an authoritarian socialist state -- in their own words -- "By Any Means Necessary".

Communist ANTIFA group

Black Lives Matter stirring unrest in Oakland, California

Yes, --- We can still try to effect change from within the system so much as it still exists, but like many of You, I wonder what exactly is holding Americans in their seats before their TVs, when their very freedom and the entire Bill of Rights are at stake this very minute, despite all efforts by President Trump, and in some instances because of President Trump, i.e. HR 76, FISA Reauthorization and the ban on bump stocks. And like You, I know it will take more than simply talking to our so-called leaders.

Gathering in one massive rally -- protest -- in the center of the nation is a start and it must be accompanied by messages formed with the strongest of meaning and intent, to properly convey just how serious We the People are viewing the erosion of the republic, the Constitution and the continued assaults against every good and decent thing our nation was founded upon.

I see a period over the next seven years of intense civil strife, and I believe that the Left will riot if Trump is reelected in 2020 just as they did in the years leading up to the election and afterwards in all the liberal bastions. I also believe that if the Democrats somehow win in 2020, the Left will still riot and attack conservatives, because they will feel much more emboldened this time around, than they did under Obama -- and it was pretty bad under Obama.

Left Wing Willing Use of Civil Strife

And, with our divides currently so wide and deep, since there really isn't any good way for true American Patriots and conservatives and Christians to compromise with the socialists and communists of America, and America's Millennials -- the majority of whom embrace ideas antithetical to our Founding Principles and the Constitution -- I see the level of violence increasing over the next seven years to the point of civil war, possibly with civil war breaking out within this time frame.

While I see this as something we should avoid, if at all possible, I do not run from the idea, since before I see my children and grandchildren and their children's children serving as serfs and chained at the altar of a Socialist Super State with asinine policies under "hate speech" laws and sovereignty killing legislation that also destroys individual liberty, I would prefer fighting 'til my last dying gasp to save freedom and liberty in Our Beloved America, even if it means stacking the dead carcasses of the Red, Radical, Democratic Party Commie Rat Bastards ten feet high and ten feet deep all about me in all directions for as far as the eye can see.

God Bless You for Fighting the Good Fight. God Bless Your Family Too. And God Bless Our Beloved America. May He Keep Her Free For All Eternity and Damn Her Enemies Both Foreign and Domestic to the Hell They Have Earned and So Richly Deserve.

de Oppresso Liber --- Deus Vult --- In Liberty ~ Justin O Smith

Illegal aliens protesting U.S. immigration policy and waving the Mexican flag in America

Muslims protest in support of Gaza and Hamas in 2009 in Murfreesboro, TN

Note: The last photo is taken from a Muslim rally in Murfreesboro, in 2009 that was protesting in support of Gaza, Hamas and the Palestinian Liberation Organization; turns out, that several supporters of Gaza, Hamas and Islamic Jihad were sitting on the board of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. ~ Justin
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  1. Tyrannical elites within the USA are using a divide-and-conquer tactic to prepare THEIR way to assuming control of the many systems that operate the USA. The extreme complexity of this topic assists tyranny's efforts.

    Also harming the USA and its citizens is having the tyrant elites owning and controlling the monolithic corporations that operate our propaganda systems. Hollywood movies, TV, radio, news media and even the advertising that appears in all those outlets... the patriots aware of that propaganda/indoctrination comment about it with anger both on the Web and in real-life conversation.

    Our tyrant enemies have immense wealth thus power and wealth allows control of corporations and an unholy alliance between big business and big government is growing and that assists tyrants leaving the masses of common folks increasingly powerless and without a voice.

    My OPINION based upon several decades of observations and extensive non-fiction investigations is that the only method to alter what I believe is assured defeat and victory for tyranny is a successful military coup performed by patriot military officers. I fear that all other methods are doomed to failure.

    I stop here. It would take 300 lengthy books to cover all the aspects of the many dangers to the Founder's creation.

    1. In the USA, a Civil War/Revolutionary War restoration of the Founders' Republic is a better scenario in my opinion. Right now Trump is the key to a sooner or later situation. A Dem Party coup will trigger the "sooner".