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The Battle Against The Deep State’s Mission to Remove Trump and Destroy the American Economic Engine

Deep State=Dem Party=Communism

This post got my attention because of the acronym “JTF-MAGA.” The acronym represents Joint Task Force Make America Great Again. I first gained knowledge of JTF-MAGA in a cross post with The Gateway Pundit on 3/24/18. JTF-MAGA is an Anti-Deep State collective. Perhaps “collective” is not the correct word for a good old fashioned Conservative Capitalist kind-of Free Market guy like me.

Hmm… I don’t like cabal, plenary council, comrades, cell, plotters and the like. I think Patriots is a good synonym for Anti-Deep Staters.

Mr. Holt’s theme is the Deep State is synonymous with the Democratic Party which ironically sympathizes with the Anti-American ideals of Communism.

JRH 3/31/18
The Battle Against The Deep State’s Mission to Remove Trump and Destroy the American Economic Engine

March 30, 2018

There is an on-going battle in the realm of U.S. politics today. The liberal left would have you believe that we who are on the right are spouting conspiracy non-sense pulled out of thin air. Except that the evidence is mounting by the day that this is anything but made up fairy tales and is in fact the biggest political scandal ever to unfold in U.S. history.

The ploy to have Deep State shill Hillary Clinton take the reins from Soros puppet Barack Obama failed quite spectacularly. Therefore, the Deep State is out to win, and win big by removing President Donald Trump from office by any means necessary. These actions must by necessity be derailed because if they are not – chaos will reign in America like never before seen.

There is as it turns out a group of people that has parted company with the Deep State’s apparatus – their mission? Take down the Deep State while protecting Donald Trump. The Deep State’s tentacles reach into all branches of the U.S. government, but seemingly none more so than the intelligence community and the FBI. This group of people, known as the JTF-MAGA Group (Joint Task Force – MAGA) are made up of more than 100 former intelligence specialists, as well as former military, law enforcement and select others.

The JTF-MAGA Group will apparently have a concise report out concerning the Deep State’s efforts by the end of March. This writer is hopeful that these dedicated patriots will help to bring to light the many dark machinations of the Deep State, but we will see.

Also of note is a new book out by Dr. Jerome Corsi, Killing the Deep State: the Fight to Save President Trump which notes the involvement of James Comey, Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Huma Abedin and many others in the attempted take down of Trump. The Mueller investigation was yet another Deep State attempt to remove Trump, which has largely failed. You can listen to a short interview with Dr. Corsi here.

This book of course will not be mentioned by anyone in the mainstream media as it flies in the face of liberal leftist goals – namely destroy President Trump and place into power another liberal puppet akin to Obama. Nor will the JTF-MAGA Group be heard of as they are actively seeking to undermine and destroy the power of the anti-American Deep State.

Remember when the FBI (James Comey) said that they could not break into the San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook’s iPhone? Jerome Corsi makes the argument that not only is James Comey former director of the FBI a known liar, but that this was no more than a ploy by the Obama administration to gain access to all iPhones. The FBI had asked Apple Inc. to grant the FBI access to this iPhone, Apple refused. This would have given the FBI access to all iPhones, or so they hoped. With all the corruption that has been revealed, it’s not much of a stretch of the imagination to see this as a definite possibility now is it? Further, does anyone really believe that the vaunted FBI or the NSA could not have gained access to a simple iPhone? Get serious.

Why does the Deep State hate Donald Trump? Because Trump stands firmly opposed to their nefarious plans. What are those plans you ask?

The Deep State’s goals align with the Democratic Party of course, as well as the mainstream media. All of America should vehemently oppose the Deep State and the Democratic Party; their goals if fully met will bring about the destruction of the U.S. as we know it.

Deep State/Democratic Party goals:

o   Keeping the U.S. Southern border open, no wall

o   The impeachment and removal of Donald Trump as president

o   The complete removal of God in this country

o   Illegal amnesty for all illegal immigrants, not just DACA illegals

o   The fall of the American dollar

o   Likely the collapse of the American economic system

Why would the Deep State and the Democrats desire these things? It’s really very simple; The U.S. is the last major power standing in the way of the New World Order. Illegal immigrants will vote Democratic, hence the reason for keeping the border open and legitimizing illegals. If the dollar falls to be possibly replaced by the Chinese petro-yuan, this would simply accelerate the collapse of the U.S. economy. Combine this with Trump removed from the picture, and a Democratic lackey in office – and we have the perfect recipe for America becoming part of the New World Order.

The recent events concerning the very much manipulated Parkland high school kids (David Hogg) and others as the new center stage mouth-pieces for gun control, read total gun confiscation here – are very much a part of these goals. Imagine an America without arms; a takeover of America would [be] much easier wouldn’t it?

If the Democrats succeed in their ambitions, Second Amendment rights will be the least of our worries – because we the people will cease to have any rights, other than those bestowed on us by the liberal over-lords.
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