Thursday, January 4, 2018

Larson Responds to Militant Atheist

Lee Larson responded awesomely to a profanity-distributing atheist who idiotically denies God’s existence then heaps descriptive profanity on Almighty God. Militant atheists are often illogical. 1) They deny God’s existence. 2) Then help insults on the person of God as if He exists as if the atheist will offend the Almighty.

JRH 1/4/18
Larson Responds to Militant Atheist
January 3, 2018
Lee Larson

The fact that you have to resort to foul language tells everyone your level of intellect.

God gives purpose to life, He brings love & hope to a dark world. If all you believe is that you are born and then you die your life has no real meaning. As such you are drawn to grab all you can get any way you can get it. That is what our world loves because that makes people very rich, but it also makes it very brutal.

My happiness (or perceived happiness) is all that matters, as a result a lot of pain takes place along the way. Just take a look around and you will see it everywhere. Probably in your own life and that is why you have a hard time believing in God, the Creator of all things, visible and invisible.

I pray someday that you will experience a P.A.C.K. (Planned Act of Christian Kindness) event. When you least expect it, someone reaches out to you with an act of kindness wanting, even refusing, to accept anything in return, and letting you know that this is the Lord loving on you at this unusual time & place.

Like the free gift or service provided you and comes a reminder that this is what the grace of God through Jesus Christ is like, something you cannot buy or earn at any price. Jesus already took the punishment for your sins when He willingly died on the Cross for the redemption of all sins.

For that is the only way that we may stand in the Presence of our perfect Creator on that final day. There is good and evil in our world, there is light and there is darkness, there are things we can see and there are things that we cannot see. Things that we can explain and things that far exceed our human capacity of understanding. So why is it so hard to believe that the immense complexity of our own being as well as that of our world and the vastness of space exists because of an all-powerful and loving God?

One that provided us with His living Word in the Scriptures, One that came in person in the form of His Son to bring His Word to life so that we may believe, and One that sent His Spirit to dwell within us so that we may feel His very Presence and know true love, peace, and hope in eternal life with Him.

God bless!
Edited for clarity by John R. Houk
I pray the editing meets with Lee Larson’s approval.
To view the atheist’s original post and the following comments including Larson’s post go HERE.

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