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The Threat of Islam

Hear No, See No, Speak No -- Islam

I went to check out a blog billing itself as marthavanderpol. Now I am guessing the blog’s owner is Martha Vanderpol. I checked out her blog because I received notification she is following my NCCR blog on WordPress.

Upon checking out Martha’s blog out I read her 1/1/15 post. Now Martha identifies herself as British. I am an American. Martha’s post can be summarized as this: Muslims in Europe blatantly get away with hate-speech and murder in the name of the Leftist ideology multicultural diversity. AND YET when Europeans get upset with Muslims demanding Sharia exceptions to a nation’s rule of law or culture, expose the violent nature inherent in Islamic considered holy writings and/or demand respect for their Christian oriented faith vis-à-vis Islamic counterculture incursions; those Europeans are harangued as bigots and too often prosecuted for hate-speech.

Martha effectively lays out a description of what is going on in Europe to the favor of Muslims and to the detriment of Europeans. AND the reason this is important to an American reader is because America’s current Leftist-in-Chief has set the stage for the same European problem to explode exponentially in the USA.

JRH 1/2/15
The Threat of Islam

By Martha Vanderpol
January 1, 2015 8:29 pm

Happy New Year. Well, it is unless you’re in Nigeria, where three separate Islamist bombings have killed 7. We’re used to celebrations such as Christmas, New Year or commemorations for 9/11 being met with violence from Islamic terrorists now. It’s almost like wondering if it will snow on Christmas day – ‘Will there be a bombing?’ or rather ‘Where will the bombing be’ is uppermost in our minds as we go about our business in crowded shopping centres or transport hubs. In France, 55,000 police patrolled the streets in the last 24 hours to prevent a re-run of the Christmas Car-Jihad attacks.

All over the world, the message is – if you are not living in a Sharia state, you are fare game – whether you are a Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist or whatever. Child or adult, man or woman – you are a potential target to people whose aims are simple – to spread fear and destruction among non-believers. The Western way of life is a target, modern education is ‘Haram’ and human rights are not enough a hurdle for people seized with such fervent hatred that only their way is possible. Any atrocity committed in the name of the Koran is acceptable.

The threat posed by Islam is that in any nation of the world where there are Muslims, there is a chance of their becoming radicalised and wanting to create a Sharia state. Our leaders keep stating that extremism is not based on ‘Real’ Islam – yet terrorists and preachers of hate state the very opposite – that to be a good Muslim the faithful must reject the Law of non-believers and create a Muslim land.

The Middle East Forum has a well-researched article on the presence of violence in the three Abrahamic faiths. “Famous Muslim scholar Ibn Khaldun (1332-1406) admired in the West for his “progressive” insights, … puts to rest the notion that jihad is defensive warfare:

In the Muslim community, the holy war [jihad] is a religious duty, because of the universalism of the Muslim mission and the obligation to convert everybody to Islam either by persuasion or by force … The other religious groups did not have a universal mission, and the holy war was not a religious duty for them, save only for purposes of defense … They are merely required to establish their religion among their own people. That is why the Israelites after Moses and Joshua remained unconcerned with royal authority [e.g., a caliphate]. Their only concern was to establish their religion [not spread it to the nations] … But Islam is under obligation to gain power over other nations.[10]

There is certainly violence both in the holy books of, and histories of, other religions. But it is clear that currently, we in the West are not at threat from extremist Buddhists, Catholics, Hindus or Yazidis. Islam has however been the source of now countless attacks upon our people and way of life in growing proportion since the 1980s. The list sadly grows daily with attacks on innocents in Africa and the Middle East making up the bulk in terms of number, but with massive attacks such as 9/11 and smaller attacks continuing in Europe and America too. Experience of Hamas terror in Israel has started a spate of ‘Car Jihad’ attacks in the West – where the use of bombs has been seen as too cumbersome and unpredictable, Islamists simply plow down pedestrians in the name of Jihad. Killing members of our armed forces is also a popular method for Jihadis wanting to aid the process of Islamification and terror in the West with the horrific murders of Fusilier Lee Rigby in London and of Corporal Nathan Cirillo in Ottawa, Canada.

The list of terror attacks upon people world-wide is huge and growing daily and the threat has been present for decades. Yet our governments do no more than try to prevent them through anti-radicalisation programmes and intelligence which is successful only until so-called ‘Lone Wolf’ attacks are introduced to the mix. The new Hamas-style car-Jihad and simple stabbings by Jihadis is a simple and chilling reminder that the threat is evolving, and not confined to organised groups such as Al-Quaeda any longer. Converts to Islam can be just as dangerous as individuals with long family histories of Islam. It is Islam which contains the seeds of extremist Ideology in the same way as Communism and Nazism did. Those doctrines have been defeated – but it was not by tolerance and acceptance that we defeated them but by fighting against their logic and armies.

I see the threat as similarly complex as that posed by Nazi ideology prior to 1938, where the ideas of racial purity and dominance were attractive to countless individuals and groups not just within Germany. The ideas of Islam are just as attractive to some, and just as much of a threat to us now. However it is precisely the memory of WWII and specifically of the Holocaust which I believe stops us from acting against the very real and present threat posed to our freedoms and way of life by Islamism.

There is a confused understanding of the current increase in Islamophobia as akin to racism, which might in turn lead to a second Holocaust, but with Muslims as the victims. Angela Merkel has begged Germans not to attend anti-Islamic protests, whilst 1 in 8 Germans say they would attend them. This is clearly a frightening sight – the image of thousands of Germans, flag aloft, shouting of hatred. It is reminiscent of Hitler’s burgeoning support in the 1930s.

Yet the discourse is completely wrong-headed.  It is not we who oppose Islam who are the potential Nazis – it is rather the growing anti-Western feeling within the ranks of Muslims world-wide which has all the hallmarks of Nazi ideology. Islam hates non-believers and any Law except for Islamic Law. It is we who are at risk of a Holocaust – all of us who are not ourselves radical Muslims. The rise of the ‘Islamic State’ of ISIS is one horrifying vision of what might happen – and the fact that hundreds of our Western bred Muslims are travelling to join them is another. The large anti-Israel protests in the West this Summer were led by some pretty nasty Islamists who added their Islamist flags to Palestinian ones. Hatred of Israel is far more loudly heard than hatred of Isis. And our government’s kow-tow to this confused thought in the mistaken belief that they need to be tolerant to prevent an outbreak of anti-Islamic persecution – when it is their own people who are being persecuted increasingly by Islam.

Meanwhile there has been growing anti-semitism in the West – with cemeteries desecrated and Swastikas appearing on Jewish property once again. There are numerous opponents of Israel who are not Muslim – but Jihadi flags have started to appear at anti-Israel protests, and Islamic fervour has been fanned by the problem of Israel and Palestine.

The evidence across the world from Boko Haram in Nigeria to Mumbai to Parliament Hill Ottawa is that it is Islamic ideology which is leading to atrocities – not Hebrew or Christian fervour. Israel is used as an excuse, and pornography has been used as an excuse for radicalisation – but there is no excuse – we in the West treat Muslims with decency and respect, and accord them their Human Rights just as with any other religious people. Yet they are using these freedoms and rights against us. There is evidence that radicalisation happens not just online, but also in Mosques. Radical preachers openly preach hate and violence. Yet our governments let it be. In the UK state schools have been turned into little enclaves of Islam, and entire neigbourhoods are effectively no-go areas to non-Muslims. Yet we let it go. Pakistani Muslims have been abusing under-age girls in the Midlands for years, yet the Police was too afraid of ‘cultural sensitivities’ to act upon numerous allegations and let it happen for years.

It is time that we understood – by acting against Islam and Islamification, against Sharia and FGM, against lack of integration and radicalisation – we are not the new Nazis – we are the Jews standing up for our very existence against the next Holocaust. The only purpose of Islam is to reduce the entire world to its regressive and oppressive doctrines. We see it in action in Iran where men are hung for being gay, where women are imprisoned for watching sports matches. We see burgeoning democracy destroyed in Iraq and Afghanistan – wherever there is Islam there is terror, fear and violence.

We must put aside our confused thinking on this threat – Islamic Ideology is the equivalent threat that Nazi Ideology posed – we wiped Nazism out but only by being firm and rooting it out within our home nation. Even German Jews were interred in the UK during the War because of the fear that they might have some (insane) affiliation to Nazism. Yet we know Islam is the root cause of terror in our midst and we do nothing. We fear harming Muslim Human Rights yet care not that Islamic Ideology has itself no similar respect for others’ Human Rights. We are blindly allowing Sharia courts inside the UK and Islamic Schools – 1 in 10 under 5s are now Muslim children. International Human Rights treaties give the right to Religious freedom – this, and the memory of the Holocaust is stopping our governments from putting a stop to creeping Sharia and growing radical Islam. Yet it is our own Religious and Basic Human Rights which are threatened by Islam.

But the debate is wrongly predicated. Islam is the ideology threatening the rest of us with Holocaust. It is the best of the West which is threatened by Sharia. Just because some Muslims are brown, we have gotten ourselves into a moral mess, believing anyone speaking out against the threat of Islam to be either racist or somehow akin to Nazi anti-semites.

But when we see the intolerant and violent way radical Islam wants to wipe out the West and other religions, we could rightly swap ‘Islamism’ for ‘Nazism’ – and if we did, would we be so tolerant? We are wrongly putting the West on the side of wrong – on the side of oppression and intolerance. Yet we in fact open our arms to other races and religions, and enshrine the rights of minorities within our laws. And it is precisely this tolerance and suspicion of our own capacity for oppression which is allowing Islamic oppression to pose the threat it does to the survival of all we hold dear – our civilisation, our freedom and our democracy. Islam is not like other religions in that it has a long history of Empire building and conquest which has not abated, in contrast to Christianity which has now mostly become secularised and divorced from the running of Nation States.

Islam inherently contains the seeds of extremism – and too many of its followers have become radicalised for us to continue to ignore the threat it poses. If we continue to allow Islam to progress unchecked in our world, it will consume us. We must have new expectations of Muslims in our lands – that they either live in accordance to our way of life, or that they leave our shores. Not all Germans were Nazis – yet Nazism certainly took hold and ruined World Peace. Islam can do the same thing – and we must begin to ask that Muslims swear allegiance to our flags and refrain from maintaining separate communities but rather integrate within our own.

Islam must either get its own house in order or face expulsion from Western nations – we cannot tolerate a religion which provokes so much terror and violence to flourish within our precious democracies. Freedom is fragile – as ISIS is showing all too clearly. Islam is a threat to our peace and our freedom – and we must face up to it sooner rather than later – before we are engulfed with fire the way India was in the Mughal days, and the way Iraq is being by ISIS. Russia is banning key Islamic texts the grounds that they incite hatred – - perhaps we should start looking at the way the Koran incites hatred of other religions and proceed similarly to protect our peace and freedom.


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