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Dajjal’s Take on a Modern Crusade

Islam-lie, Mo-pedophile & Quran poison

Dajjal again posting a comment worthy of an individual post. The comment is to the NCCR essay entitled, “Americans Support Israel then Foment Modern Crusade”. I wrote somewhat timidly to Dajjal’s comment:

Dajjal I concur. I’m just not sure if I have the guts to proclaim it.”

JRH 8/4/14
Dajjal’s Take on a Modern Crusade

Posted by Dajjal

Look past the front row of trees and see the forest. HAMAS is part of something bigger: Al-Ikhwan al-Muslimeen, which is part of something bigger: Ummah al-Islamiya.

It’s Islam, Stupid! If Israel could identify, locate and kill every leader and follower of HAMAS, they would find another row of Muslims right behind them. Hezbollah will take up the rocket once Israel’s Iron Dome stock is depleted. Then Israel will be compelled to carpet bomb Lebanon, with resulting bitching & caterwauling on an unprecedented scale.

If Israel would annihilate Lebanon, Syria and Iran are next in line, like shark’s teeth, always with ready replacements.

When Dar ul-Islam is attacked, Jihad becomes fard ayn: binding on all Muslims wheresoever dispersed over the face of the earth.

The Crusade must begin with an educational campaign to inform the electorate of the true nature, mission & methodology of Islam. The citizens of North America and Europe must be made aware of the existential threat posed by the presence of Islam’s fifth column on their shores. We must then elect leaders with the political will to round up and deport all Muslims and exclude them from entry. With academia and the mass media in enemy hands, this task is damn near impossible to accomplish.

The second wave is even more challenging: induction of mass apostasy. Those Muslims who retain a scintilla of morality and want no part of imperialism & terrorism must be made to recognize the real identity and nature of Allah and Moe.

Causing the MINOs to abandon Islam will not be easy. It must begin with a full length feature documentary dramatizing the Life of Moe. It will need to be backed up with a detailed web site with evidence to prove every major theme in the documentary. A television series will be needed to bring out further details. Multiple language packages and global distribution will be required.

The third wave of the Crusade will be even more challenging because that which must be done contravenes the modern laws of war. It is necessary to kill the clerics who rouse the rabble. Thousands will march in their funeral processions; bomb and strafe them. Thousands will march in the resulting funeral processions; bomb and strafe them. Continue until there is peace and quiet.

Once the true believers are ushered into Hell, Islam must be entirely extirpated from conquered parts of Dar ul-Islam. The conquering General must address the conquered people in the most profane and obscene terms possible, explaining exactly what Allah is and Moe was. He must point out the fact that Allah did not give them the victory he promised. He must point out the fact that Allah did not give them the help and protection he promised. He must point out the venal character and acts of Moe. He must ask the people if they will worship an impotent idol who cannot benefit them. He must ask them if they will follow a barbarian who practiced lechery, pederasty, rape, pillage, plunder and extortion. He must ask them to take two steps forward if they remain Muslims and have them shot on the spot.

The mosques and madrasahs must be closed. Propagation, preaching and manifesting Islam must be prohibited under penalty of death. The conquered people must be taught the principles of representative self-government before being allowed to form new institutions of secular government.

Anything less than the total eradication of Islam is defeat. Blessed few will enlist in this Crusade.
Edited by John R. Houk
Most of the editing via spellcheck with some words left alone.

© Dajjal

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