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That which Dajjal Really Feels

Dajjal altered
Intro to ‘That which Dajjal Really Feels’
John R. Houk
© January 15, 2014

A few days ago I posted a Guy Bechor article translated from Hebrew into English. The article was entitled, “The End of the Christians in the Muslim World”. A friend of mine who prefers the pseudonym of Dajjal posted a comment on my NCCR blog version of this post. I should note that Dajjal has a superior command of the death-cult religion known as Islam. Looking at Islam from the outside of devoted Muslim adherents he understands the evil nature of Islam and the deceptive theology to fools people into believing that the religion has a peaceful nature. And it is deceptive because promises carnal pleasures to males in an afterlife and universal peace amongst humanity. The Islamic catch is the requirement of absolute submission even when Islamic rules are prejudicial against women and medieval harsh against rule breakers and extremely harsh to those offered submission but refuse.

On a humorous side not the Dajjal is a pejorative word that Muslims do not have a favorable image in their mind. The Dajjal is the Muslim version of the Christian Antichrist. Thus I am guessing the pseudonym Dajjal was chosen both to annoy Muslims. Here are a couple of links that I found in haste about this Muslim bad dude:

Because of Dajjal’s understanding of Islam he is quite intolerant toward leaders who have blindly looked at Islam through Western eyes including the false feeling that Muslims need only to experience Western ways to abandon their Islamic culture. Hence Dajjal made provided some insights about the Bechor post via his understanding of Islam:

Reagan and Bush were ignorant damned fools who failed to comprehend the existential threat posed by the genocidal war cult called Islam. Carter, Slick Willy & Shrub are traitors who sold us out. Obamination is one of the enemy. That is why.

Instead of financing, supplying and training al-Qaeda, we should be helping indiginous (sic) Christians, empowering them to defend themselves. If there must be slaughter, let the aggressors: the Muslims be slaughtered. (Dajjal; January 11, 2014 at 11:36 PM)

I am not one to disparage President Reagan and President G.W. Bush due to errors in judgment about Islam. I will especially not disparage President Reagan. I have to admit that GW went from righteous indignation of the Islamic terrorist attack of 9/11 even to calling the attacking terrorists Islamofascists. Unfortunately I suspect he began to listen to the ear of Establishment Republicans who were more interested in not rocking the boat of Multiculturalist idiocy. Soon after the 9/11 anger of the label of Islamofascist was followed by the more politically correct label of Islam is peace. So I commented back to Dajjal:

Don’t hold back *** (Dajjal). Tell us how you really feel. Lol

Not to pass up a good moment for clarity, Dajjal left a great comment that is worthy of posting. Thus that post is below that will also find all the blogs I post on consistently.

JRH 1/15/14
That which Dajjal Really Feels
[Editor’s title not Dajjal’s]

By Dajjal

Emotionally: threatened by implacable predators that will never cease attacking and betrayed by cowardly traitors who deny objective factual reality so they won’t be compelled to exterminate the predators on their watch.

The predators are feeding on our Brothers in Christ with impunity; none will come to their aid or even protest. Driven by threats of eternal damnation and promises of eternal orgies in Allah’s celestial carnal house, Muslims leave a trail of blood and tears wherever they go in sufficient numbers. An estimated 270*10^6 people have been slaughtered by Islamic Jihad in the last 1400 years.

Where Allah’s writ runs, in Africa, Arabia & Asia, Muslims slaughter indigenous Christians with impunity and governments persecute them. In Europe, with demographics bringing impunity to enclaves, they assault, occasionally kill and frequently rape girls and burn property.

In America, they tried to blow up Times Square, bombed the Boston Marathon and tried to bomb a Christmas tree lighting and an airport.

But for crucial victories at Tours, Lepanto and Vienna, Europe would have fallen into slavery centuries ago. Now it will fall because of folly, treachery and being out bred.

Intellectually, I know, from reading canonical texts of Islam, that it considers all who do not believe in Allah and follow Moe’s sunnah to be evil which must be removed from the world by death if not conversion to Islam. I know that, because they believe Allah’s threat and promise, they will never cease from attacking until they are apostates or dead.

Instead of arming and training the enemy, our government should be arming and training indigenous religious minorities in Dar ul-Islam to resist and counter attack. Instead of sending armed forces to defeat indigenous Christian militias in CAR, the UN should be sending aid to them.

Instead of bitching bitterly and denouncing “The Innocence of Muslims”, our government should be dubbing the full video into Arabic, Urdu, Persian and other languages and giving it global distribution.

Instead of kissing the Koran, the Pope should be denouncing its damnable doctrines in encyclicals to be read from every Cathedral. Instead of dialoging with Muslims, Protestant and Jewish clergy should be reading the Koran, sahih hadith and Islamic jurisprudence from their pulpits, pointing out the accursed doctrines and practices which cannot be reconciled with the teaching and example of Christ.

Instead of smirking that “Islam is a great religion of peace” and sending the best and brightest of our youth to bleed and die for nothing more than his image and ego, Shrub should have quoted Imam Al-Shafi’i who ruled that the least the Imam must do is that he allow no year to pass without at least one military expedition against unbelievers. He should have nuked the sponsors of the terrorists from the face of the earth.
Edited by John R. Houk
© Dajjal

Dajjal has maintained an awesome resource exposing Islam. It is called Crusader’s Armory. The thing is the resource site has moved around Dajjal has placed a huge effort of migrating the files. The last web link I had doesn’t work anymore. After using the old Google search engine I discovered I found that Crusader’s Amory has migrated back to Geocites which I thought was discontinued. The link there does take a bit of time to load but it is worth the wait:

Google also revealed Dajjal is operating a Blogspot version of Crusader’s Armory which was last updated as of this writing on 12/29/13. I haven’t taken the time to explore the Blogspot version but it is probably worth as well AND it loads instantly:

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