Wednesday, October 2, 2013

WWII Vets Storm the Barricades

Normandy D-Day Beach
John R. Houk
© October 2, 2013
After President Barack Hussein Obama blamed the Republicans for not negotiating a deal to raise the debt ceiling and not funding Obamacare, he instructed all non-essential personnel to be furloughed even in the case of Federally managed Public Parks and Memorials. Now I can understand the political Leftist message Obama is trying to send to the American voters: Leftist Democrats are angels and less-government/less-taxes Republicans are evil for lining up with their constituents to fight the Leftist agenda.
So Obama to further rile American voters had open Memorials that do not need Federal Employees to monitor the property barricaded them and blames Republicans. Some aged WWII vets who had pre-planned a trip to Washington DC’s WWII Memorial only to find out the open-air Memorial had been blockaded.
So the WWII vets in their wheelchairs and canes lined up behind a bagpipe musician and stormed through the barricade. These guys had to reminisce of the old days of fighting Nazis and Imperial Japan of such situations as D-Day and Normandy as well as Pacific action like Iwo Jima.


JRH 10/2/13

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