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Beware of Leadership Promoting Immorality


John R. Houk
© February 26, 2011

Attention Social Conservatives that stand for Biblical and Family values! The Obama Administration WILL NOT enforce the Defense of Marriage Act. This means that President Barack Hussein Obama has instructed Attorney General Eric Holder to look the other way as homosexual reprobates impose their immorality on America furthering another ungodly indictment against the American government.

Something to think about my fellow Americans: When the ancient Northern Kingdom of Israel and later the Kingdom of Judah in the South began imposing immorality on Israelis at the behest of their kings (i.e. the ruling authorities), God sent heathens (Assyria and Babylon respectively) to remove their place in the Promised Land. Leftists and Secular Humanists are infecting the American government with policies that have made homosexuality and similar ungodly perversions legal with the imprint of normalcy. That is an evil place to be.

Below is an email from Chuck Colson that is addressed to signers of the Manhattan Project which is about the immorality of BHO. Below the email is an alert posted at The Chuck Colson Center by Alan Sears who is the President of the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF).

JRH 2/26/11
Pres. Obama will not defend long-standing marriage law

By Chuck Colson
Sent: February 25, 2011 3:08:47 PM

To all Manhattan Declaration signers:

The decision by Attorney General Holder not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act raises very grave questions.
Justifying his position, he says that in the congressional debate there were "numerous expressions reflecting moral disapproval of gays and lesbians and their intimate family relationships."  He went on to describe this as "animus" (defined by Webster as vehement enmity, hatred, ill will)-violating the Equal Protection Clause.

"Animus" to defend a moral position based on 2,000 years of classical and Christian teaching rooted in reason and scripture?

Holder has embraced the position of Federal Judge Vaughn Walker in California that opposing so-called gay marriage can be "harmful to gays and lesbians."  But this is like claiming that opposition to polygamy is harmful to polygamists or that laws defining marriage as the union of two people harm those who prefer to live in what are called sexual "triads" or "quadrads."  Our historic marriage laws harm nobody--they serve husbands, wives, children, and the common good of society.
If the expression of our deepest convictions is treated as animus, our religious liberty is in peril.  We cannot fail to speak the truth even if it is labeled hate speech.
This is exactly why we wrote the Manhattan Declaration, pledging that we would under no circumstances render to Caesar what belongs to God.
Though the circumstances are not comparable, the issue is the same one Dietrich Bonhoeffer faced.  Bonhoeffer's example is well known.  But another compelling illustration is Martin Niemoller.  Timothy George has given a brilliant, brief meditation on Niemoller, who had the courage to defy Hitler to his face.  We strongly urge that you view this by
CLICKING HERE or the video box below.  It is an extremely powerful story--and sad to say, increasingly timely.
The ACLU has already hailed Holder's decision as "the tipping point in the gay rights movement."   Sadly, that may well be the case unless we speak out loudly and quickly.
Please forward this email to your friends asking them to sign the Manhattan Declaration.  It's never been more important that we take a strong and united stand.

Chuck Colson, The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview
Dr. Robert George, Princeton University

The Manhattan Declaration is a non-partisan statement of conscience in defense of human life, traditional marriage and religious freedom. Visit us at
It's Time To Fight - Alliance Defense Fund speaks out on USDOJ refusal to protect law.

By Alan Sears, President ADF
February 24, 2011 5:43 PM

Alliance Defense Fund Update on federal DOMA Litigation

It’s time to fight…

We wanted to update you on the litigation involving the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA – which essentially is the law that defines marriage to include one man and one woman for federal government purposes, and allows each state to define marriage without imposing any re-definition on another), and especially the impact of Eric Holder’s unprecedented announcement yesterday that the Department of Justice will no longer defend the law (and in fact actively oppose it).

As you know, the Attorney General’s announcement only confirms what has been a reality since the Administration began “defending” DOMA in the seven jurisdictions in which it is currently being challenged. It’s no exaggeration to say that the President’s team has been throwing the cases. The Administration has expressly waived advancing winning legal arguments and intentionally failed to cite binding legal precedent in each case. In fact, the Administration has “expressly disavowed” the winning legal arguments that the Bush Administration had made in previous cases. In short, it is clear that the President and his lawyers have been actively sabotaging DOMA in court.

That is why we have put so many resources into DOMA’s defense. There are two cases in California, two cases in Massachusetts, and cases in Oklahoma, Connecticut, and New York. The cases from Massachusetts are currently at the First Circuit Court of Appeals. ADF and its allies filed amicus briefs in those cases, which resulted in 15 briefs being filed in the case that covered every single legal argument that the United States Department of Justice had abandoned. The Alliance Defense Fund filed a brief on behalf of Representative Lamar Smith, who is the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, presenting the court with the winning arguments that have been recognized by every other case upholding the definition of marriage. We also represent the state defendant in the Oklahoma case to defend both Oklahoma’s constitutional amendment defining marriage and DOMA. The other DOMA cases are in their beginning stages where we are preparing the same defense of DOMA that we mounted in the First Circuit Court of Appeals.

We are also advising members of Congress on their right to intervene in light of Department of Justice’s complete abdication of its duty to defend the law enacted overwhelmingly by both Houses of Congress. The good news is that the Attorney General’s announcement paves the way for the House of Representatives intervention so that the federal law can be vigorously defended by an official party. We are encouraging Congress to step forward to fill the void left by the Administration and we are offering to help any way we can.

It’s an outrage that the President and his Attorney General would not only fail to defend the law, but actively side with those who seek to redefine marriage and label the majority of Americans as the equivalent of bigots motivated by “animus” for believing marriage is the union of one man and one woman. (After all, not only have 30 state marriage amendments been passed by usually overwhelming margins across the country, DOMA was passed in the House of Representatives by a bi-partisan vote of 342-67, and in the Senate 85-14 and signed into law by then President Bill Clinton). But this Administration has made no secret about what it thinks when religious liberty collides with those who seek to redefine marriage. As the President’s pick as head of the EEOC said, “…we should similarly not tolerate private beliefs about sexual orientation and gender identity that adversely affect LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender] people,” “it’s a zero-sum game.”

The Alliance Defense Fund Marriage Team has kept the threat to marriage and religious freedom at the forefront of our minds as we have been working around the clock to litigate these cases. We ask for much prayer, for Congress to act, and the Courts to follow the law and Constitution. It is time to fight…

Thank you VERY much. John 15:5

Yours for religious freedom in America, with sincere appreciation and best regards,

Alan E. Sears
President, CEO and General Counsel
Beware of Leadership Promoting Immorality
John R. Houk
© February 26, 2011
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