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Forums and Chats

No Jihad HERE
You need to understand Islam. A Muslim will tell you to read the Quran and you will see the truth inherent in Islam. I tell you to read the Quran, Hadith and Sira because that is the true reality of Islam. That reality in Islam’s big picture is not a pleasant prospect for those committed to another religion or secular ideology.

I have become alerted that the anti-Islam blog 1689 AD has posted a ton of resource links in which you the non-Muslim (or kafir in Islam) can be pointed in a different direction than what a Muslim would point you toward. I have not given these links a total once over so if there are some there that cross the line from warning to hate then decided to be as smart as a cow in wisdom – eat the hay and spit out the sticks.

JRH 2/14/11
Forums and Chats

February 13, 2011

"A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself". - John Stuart Mill


The following is a list of internet forums and chat groups.   We have tried to avoid posting any forums which have a blatantly Leftist or pro-Islamic Supremacist orientation.  When the name on the masthead differed from the web address, we have used the masthead name. The reader will note that in this initial presentation (early 2011), most of the links are for English language forums. If the forum is in a language other than English, or incorporates multiple languages, a notation is made to that effect alongside the forum's name. Should this list expand to include more forums, with an introduction of more non-English forums, we would prefer to separate them oput according to the languages involved. A basic introduction to forums can be found here:

Although many on our side place a strong reliance on FaceBook in communicating our concerns, we must admit that it does not offer too much flexibility when it comes to presenting various discussions. Forums, on the other hand, come across as more "readable" and interactive in nature. As such, they offer a lot of potential when it comes to spreading ideas and encouraging various actions.

We hope that you will evaluate this list carefully. As for any of you who are bloggers, we would encourage you to spread your message by posting all or some of your blog posts within these forums. It is difficult to see how any forums which are dedicated towards fight Islamic Supremacists or promoting overall Conservative values would object to such input. Furthermore, any referrals of your readers within these forums to various resources of which they may not yet be aware would help our movement grow exponentially.

Before proceeding to the list, we would urge that if you come across any forums of value which are not listed below to please forward the pertinent details to 1683 AD. We would request that the information be sent in the exact, same format as shown below. Furthermore, we have a desperate need for information on any forums which are in languages other than English.

Forums focused on Islamic Supremacists

The following forums are focused on Islamic Supremacists.

4 Freedoms: main page -

  Anti Jihad UK: main page -

  Anti-Terrorism Coalition: main page -
Christian Falangist Party Forum: main page -

Dutch Defence League (in the Dutch language); main page -

Europa 21(in Polish): main page -; English language posts
Freedom Bulwark: main page -
Infidels United: main page -
Reconquista-Europa (in the German language): main page -
Skeptic's Annotated Bible Discussion Board (Qu'ran emphasis): main page
Stop Radical Islam: main
The Resistance - Jihad Chat: main page
Forums for ex-Muslims

Faith Freedom: main page

Forums which have a Right wing (Conservative) political orientation and do not have an Islamic Supremacism focus

Please note that these forums may touch upon Islamic Supremacism as a "side" issue.

912 Communique': main page -

American Conservative Nation: main page -

Americans for Legal Immigration: main page -; Suggested section -

Christian Action Network: main page -

Conservatives for Freedom: main page -

Freedom Connector: main page -; Suggested section - (As of 2/2011, no issues pertinent to us.)

GOP USA: main page -

NewsBusters: main page -; Suggested section -

North West Nationalists: main page - ; Suggested section -

Old Hippie's Forums: main page -; Suggested section -

Patriotes Francais (in French): main page -

Regular Folks United: main page -

Right Minds: main page -

Rightly Conservative: main page -

RightTalk Radio: main page -

Rush Limbaugh Forum: main page -; Suggested section -

Soap Box Discussion Forums: main page -

Southern Conservative: main page -

The Conservative's Forum: main page -

The Three Percenter: main page -; Suggested section -

Victory Institute: main page -

World Net Daily (WND Forums): main page - (You need to search for whether a pertinent topic has been posted by the Administrators)

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