Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Keep Hector Aleem in your Heart’s Mind

John R. Houk
© February 2, 2011

The Peace World Wide YouTube Channel sent out a tribute to Hector Aleem who had been incarcerated for blaspheming Islam in the so-called secular Republic of Pakistan. The last that I heard about Hector he had been convicted even though there was not one stitch of physical evidence provided in trial. The conviction is based only the word of a radical Islamic Imam who wanted to get Hector out of the way so no one would stick up for a Christian Church that a group of Muslims want to bulldoze to the ground.

The latest post I have on Hector Aleem is a cross post of an Ali Sina appeal toward Hector’s plight: “Help Hector Aleem”.

Watch the tribute to Hector and consider sending money to help him and his family. Hector’s family living in Pakistan is in a precarious existence. If a Pakistan government official takes a bold and brave moment to drop charges and convictions against Hector there is the danger of assassination as was the case to the Governor of the Pakistan State of Punjab that pardoned Asia Bibi of a blasphemy conviction. Salman Taseer was assassinated for the pardon.

Also any favorable action provided for Hector could very well result in vigorous retribution against the Aleem family. The only real support systems the Aleems have are the magnanimity of foreign donors and foreign organizations.

To get a tug on your heart strings watch the Hector Tribute that is on YouTube.

JRH 2/2/11

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