Saturday, February 3, 2018


John R. Houk, Editor
Video by The Black Pigeon
Intro © February 3, 2018 

I found an awesome video that begins by quoting Senator McCain accusing President Trump of subverting the rule of law by tainting the FBI. It is idiot statements like that which make me feel ashamed I voted for that RINO in 2008. I mean, my GOD! Doesn’t McCain realize that Obama’s Administration directed these unconstitutional/treasonous actions against Trump? I am stupefied about McCain because it closet comrade Obama that defeated him for the Office of President in 2008!

Just a small note of criticism about the video: the narrator briefly says "Fusion GSP" when the actual nefarious organization's name is Fusion GPS. Also, this Black Pigeon Speaks video is best watched in full screen to get the full impact of the narrator’s explanation of the details of the FISA Memo.

JRH 2/3/18 H/T: I Found this video at the G+ Community Fox News Opinion by Ralph Lee on Feb 3, 9:20 AM


Published on Feb 3, 2018

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