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Losing One's Soul

Yesterday I posted “I’ll Vote for any Three of These GOP Candidates” listing in order of my preferences Cruz, Rubio and Trump. In that post I shared my displeasure that Romney castigated Trump. Romney’s accusations are some of the very things that could be spoken about himself at least in reference to any Conservative bona fides.

Then I finally got to Justin Smith’s criticism of Donald which is a very scathing analysis of Trump that makes out to be just as crooked as Hillary. Admittedly I am having to rethink my preference of Trump as third in a choice of preferences.

My concern now is if Cruz or Rubio manage to stall Trump from getting the requisite number of delegates to gain the GOP nomination how will the Republican proceed and will Trump honor his pledge to support any GOP candidate ultimately nominated if it is not himself?

I suspect Trump would run a Third Party or Independent candidacy for the Presidency in which he would ultimately lose. The bad news: Hillary becomes President by default (unless the miracle of an honest justice system indicts her). If a miraculous indictment occurs against Hillary it is my belief a very tight 3-way race for POTUS will occur that will probably end up in the House deciding the winner since the days of Thomas Jefferson.

Read Justin’s very convincing article and see if he effectively throws a monkey into your pro-Trump or perhaps he confirms what you already know.

JRH 3/4/16
Losing One's Soul
Safeguard the Ark of Liberty

By Justin O. Smith
Sent: March 3, 2016 12:27 PM

Donald Trump and those who vote for him bring to mind the verse "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul," because in their anger at the Republican establishment, they are exalting emotion over reason. In the process, they have bastardized the spirit of America based on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and they have embraced a near nihilistic form of dangerous populism, that seeks change for the sake of change and offers only a lateral transition from Obama's disastrous policies to an equally bad Trump administration. They have lost their moral clarity and hold survival and power as their only remaining "values."

If Trump achieves the 1237 delegate votes necessary to secure the GOP nomination for the presidency, the GOP will have surrendered to the cultural, political and spiritual malaise that currently grips much of the nation. Nominating Trump ensures that big government will grow bigger and the culture of crony-capitalism (i.e. fascism), so prevalent in the U.S. today, will continue into the future. It also guarantees that Hillary Clinton will be the next U.S. President.

Does America really want such a person for Her leader and President?

Trump -

*who sides with Obama on limiting one's First Amendment Right on the internet  

*who believes it is just fine for him to take your private property for his own enrichment, using an unConstitutional "ruling" by activist Supreme Court Justice David Souter

*who essentially stole tens of thousands of dollars from hard working Americans seeking a better life, through the fraudulent claims of Trump University, no matter that he now attempts to distance himself by blaming his underlings and business partners; and, he used the same slogans for Trump University as he uses in his campaign: "It's going to be great. You're going to win so much."

Aside from these things, anyone who truly believes Donald Trump doesn't have any outstanding IOUs dancing in the wind really hasn't fully examined his record, and they are ignorant of his use of government at every level and his receipt of special considerations in quid pro quo fashion. Just look at the tax abatements he received in New York throughout his career and his corrupt (criminal?) association with "Fat Tony" Salerno and S&A Construction, and then, listen to his own words concerning his bribery of sitting U.S. Senators [National Review].

[Blog Editor: The Trump connection to Salerno and other mobsters is a bit of a concern that I evidently missed. The association makes Trump look as dirty as Hillary Clinton. Check this out:

“There have been multiple media reports about Donald’s business dealings with the mob, with the Mafia,” Cruz said on NBC’s Meet the Press. “Maybe his taxes show those business dealings are a lot more extensive than has been reported.”

Host Chuck Todd called the accusation, “openly speculative” and asked, “Do you have any facts to support that Donald Trump has mob ties?” Cruz cited reports from ABC News and CNN.

“For example,” said Cruz, “S&A Construction, which was owned by ‘Fat Tony’ Salerno, who is a mobster who is in jail. It is owned by two of the major New York crime families.” As CNN reported in July, the cement company S&A Construction was used in the construction of the Trump Plaza condos in Manhattan.

S&A was controlled by Salerno, head of the Genovese crime family and Paul Castellano, head of the Gambino family.  In fact, as the New York Times reported, Salerno’s final trial was for a “scheme to allocate contracts and obtain payoffs for constructing the concrete superstructures of 16 Manhattan buildings,” including Trump Plaza. Cruz did have one fact wrong. Salerno died in prison in 1992. (Ted Cruz Raises Issue of Donald Trump’s Mob Connections; By AL PERROTTA; The Stream; 3/1/16)]

Now there is a looming bombshell in a 2012 interview with Trump from the New York Times. It suggests that Trump has never intended to be as tough on immigration as he is currently telling the American conservatives.

No one can claim to be a Constitutional Conservative and still cast their vote for Trump, which makes it incredibly stunning to see the likes of Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska, and Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala) endorse him; but New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's move was a predictable self-serving piece of political hypocrisy. In each of these cases, one must wondered what was offered _Cabinet position? _ the Vice-Presidency?

Treating total recklessness as a virtue, the masses in this populist movement do not seem to care for the truth behind Trump. They do not care that he has no idea how to govern, how our Constitution and our system works or even the slightest understanding of true conservatism. They don't care that Trump doesn't really stand for anything and he doesn't have any defining principle for his political beliefs. They are mesmerized by Trump's repetition of "Trust me, it's going to be great."

"Believe me, Americans are going to win again" is an empty slogan, and Trump never reveals just how he plans to "Make America Great Again." These are similar to statements by third world dictators to a beleaguered populace. "We're going to make this nation great again" are the very words used by Ferdinand Marcos prior to acquiring power in the Philippines in the 1950s and declaring martial law soon afterwards.

Trump reminds me somewhat of Good Ol' Adolph and his populist message/ propaganda that took Germany by storm in the 1930s. Everyone thought they were electing a strong supporter of the democratic German Republic, but instead they received a dictator.

How does this make sense, when the American people have a true American Patriot _ Senator Ted Cruz _ waiting in the wings to continue to put his entire being into the fight to save this nation?

Senator Ted Cruz is a Constitutional Conservative on every one of the top most important issues, and he has concrete plans to repeal Obamacare and reform healthcare, reduce the national debt and increase economic growth, rebuild the military and keep America safe by sealing our borders and defeating our enemies, and to protect innocent life and our religious liberties.

Cruz went to D.C. as the "anti-establishment" candidate, and upon his arrival, he did just what his constituents asked of him. He immediately laid out a plan to repeal and/or defund Obamacare. He even filibustered Obamacare. But his efforts were blocked by cowards throughout the House and Senate, such as Boehner, Ryan and McConnell. It should also be noted that Cruz has fought and won nine separate cases before the U.S. Supreme Court that defended the 2nd Amendment and Religious Liberty, States' Rights and the entire U.S. Constitution.

Despite Lt Governor Ron Ramsey's (R-TN) off-handed remark that "Trump is bringing new issues to the forefront and new voters to the party", let's not forget Trump's early support for the Gang of Eight Amnesty Bill for illegal aliens. The record plainly shows that Sen. Ted Cruz was well versed and one of the first out front on illegal immigration, border security and national defense, long before Trump had his first clue. As for the "new voters", one should rightly question the cognitive analytical skills of anyone voting for Trump _ a fascist.

And Hell must be frozen over, because I completely agree with Senator Lindsey Graham, who stated on Super Tuesday that "he's [Trump] a demagogue with solutions that won't work. Clinton will beat him like a drum". I also will not vote for Trump under any circumstance.

With this in mind, March 15th and the winner-take-all states like Ohio and Florida will prove critical for the future of America. Even though Trump currently leads Cruz in delegates 315 to 216, there is time for those opposing Trump to coalesce behind Cruz and elect a man who truly has America's best interest at heart. Short of this, the "not Trump" group better be working towards an open brokered convention.

Many exceptional Americans are determined not to give way to Donald Trump and his disdain for the Original Intent of our Founders, regarding the U.S. Constitution and Individual Liberty. They understand the necessity of stopping the dangerous celebrated fool, Donald Trump, and his corrupt practices and statist solutions, which will inflict great damage on our country. They are heartened by Ted Cruz, a brilliant and authentic conservative, who is prepared to uphold the Presidential Oath and defend the Constitution and America. And praying for the rest of Conservative America's assistance, they feel the incumbent moral obligation this election has placed upon them, to make good the redemption of our republic and America: Nothing less rests on the outcome than safeguarding the Ark of Liberty -- America's Divine Charge.

By Justin O. Smith
Edited by John R. Houk
Text or links enclosed by brackets are by the Editor.

© Justin O. Smith

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