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Antisemitic or Mocking Boycotters of Israel?

Pal Propaganda Debunked

Edited by John R. Houk
December 12, 2014

Ari Bussel sent me CC email to me that had sent to an individual who wanted Ari’s thoughts to a news story entitled “In tense West Bank city, she secretly meets Israelis to talk peace”. The article is about an Arab (those people who made up the non-existent Palestinian people) young lady that muses on why don’t those brutal Israelis and those occupied Palestinians just get along and coexist. The title of this post is by the Editor for Ari sent with the subject line “Re: Please read.

Here is the email that Ari felt compelled to respond to (and I do like that response):

On Dec 11, 2014, at 12:26 PM, Pablo1944 wrote:

Hello all

I have no idea if this article is anti-Semitic or is it making mockery of the Boycotters.

Answers will be appreciated.


It’s my assumption Pablo sent his query to more people than just Ari Bussel by his salutation “Hello all”.

JRH 12/12/14
Ari Bussel’s Reply

Subject: Re: Please read.
Sent: 12/11/2014 3:04 PM

Dear Pablo,

It does not make mockery of the Boycotters, the article highlights and promotes boycott.  Note - even water.  Chocolates are not essential, and milk products taste better from Israel.  Well, too bad.

I am not sure I would call the article "anti-Semitic."  It is sophisticated and slick and very much anti-Israel.  It serves a great purpose - it confuses one to think that Israel is guilty at not wanting peace.  Here is a champion on the other side (note her shoes, fluent English, Western look).  She is not a religious fanatic.  She is not a terrorist.  When Israeli soldiers treat her with disrespect, she smiles in return.  Oh, what a fuzzy, warm feeling.  One can melt from the love.

One way to immediately identify the real intentions of the writer can be found toward the end.  The "ONE STATE SOLUTION."  Note, it is no longer a "two states, living side by side" idea.  Just tear down the wall, remove the borders and (soon) (throw the Israelis to the Sea)!  Hallelujah!

My heart aches.  We are the worse type of criminals.  Animals.  Worse still.  We (apparently) killed hundreds of children, defenseless and innocent.  Their only crime?  Being born and raised in Gaza with Israel as the Evil neighbor.

The poison keeps dripping, the dosage ever increasing. 

I have to stop to breathe.  In the middle of this Yahoo! News (mainstream, respected name), there is an advertisement by the Christian Science Monitor.  I thought - wrongly - I may find solace there.  Instead, I found the top ten companies one should boycott because of their affiliation with the ill-intention Body of Israel.

So here is an extremist reply (and I am a Centrist, as everyone knows so well):  She meets twice a month (or once every two months) with Israelis in an attempt to establish a footprint of reasonableness.  This must be stopped - for her own good of course!  Do you know what harm can befell her from the hands of these deceitful, ill-intentioned Israelis? 

And on the Israeli side - stop this foolishness.  Or maybe decide to move to Gaza to help them there.  Become a human shield against the Israeli War Machine!

I am encouraged and inspired:  Bring Down The Walls, and let's dance over the ruins.  Then we can freely roam Palestine (it is our ancestral home) and kill the Jews!  They defiled our land.  They are about to deliberately topple down our holiest of holies, in our eternal capital, Al Quds!

Oh, does everyone remember the celebrations we had on 9/11 some 13 years ago?  And much more recently when the three Zionist Agents were found dead (most likely by their own Mossad, only to blame us for killing young people)!  I am just hurting that one of us was then so brutally murdered by Israeli Settlers in a blood revenge.  [They will still pay the price.  Ten times over!  A hundredfold!]

A bright future is ahead of us.

One small problem:  If she was so concerned with "Peace" (i.e. the destruction of the Jewish State and the elimination of the Jewish People), how about starting right at home, fighting the glorification of terrorists, trying to define what "peace" really means to them, not for Western consumption.

Until then, Israelis and Jews alike are trapped in this web of honey and lies, and the sweet poison keeps dripping, drip, drip, drip, while the patient (The Body Israel) is misled to believe this is therapy, succumbing to the euphoric feeling of heroin. 

If we do not learn to recognize the buzz words and the signs, we will soon be dead.

Thank you Pablo for this exercise!

Edited by John R. Houk
© Ari Bussel

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