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Solid Snake Emails 7-18 to 8-1-12

Crosses of Calvary
Solid Snake is a work horse in exposing just how much an abomination homosexuality is in society in the eyes God.

It is time for an education below.

JRH 8/4/12
Solid Snake Emails 7-18 to 8-1-12

Flanders (Info)
Sent: Jul 18, 2012 at 6:15 PM

Includes 2 attachments:

1)      Maine Criminal Statutes

Maine Title 17-A Pt 2 Chapter 11-Sex Assaults Heading

2)      Flanders 1 Screen Capture

Flanders 1 Screen Capture

Maine Sex Offender Registry

Individual Profile

Database lasted updated on: 8/4/2012 [SlantRight: Update post dates Solid Snake email]
You may request further information on this individual.

Individual Profile

Adam Edward harland Flanders
Date of Birth:

Residence: Belfast ME, 04915
Belfast ME, 04915

Address last verified on: 12/23/2011

Place of School:
University Of Maine Orono
School Location:
university Of Maine
Orono, ME 04473

SORA #: 6036

Registrant Type: 10 YEAR REGISTRANT

Statute: 17-A MRSA (254)(1)(A)
Offense: Sexual abuse of minor
Statutory Description: Engage in a sexual act with another person, not the actor's spouse, who is either 14 or 15 years of age and the actor is at least 5 years older than the other person.
Case #: BELDCCR200800723
Court: 5th District Court Belfast
More Information

You can search for greater detail about current statutes, you can go to For information about repealed statutes, you can contact the Maine State Law & Legislative Reference Library at

You may
request further information on this registrant (free). The online request allows you to obtain more details immediately.

You may conduct a
Criminal History Check online
(fee required) to find out if this registrant has any conviction and adjudication information for crimes committed in Maine other than those already listed on the Sex Offender Registry site.
DOJ Info

Solid Snake
Sent: Jul 18, 2012 at 6:38 PM

The entire DOJ directory!!!

Flanders got Punked

Solid Snake
Sent: Jul 19, 2012 at 10:11 AM

Flanders got owned!!!! This made me go holy cra0.  His crap is falling apart. He has no recourse or any ammo after this display of crap. See for yourself after you read these 2 things.  [SlantRight Editor: These thoughts were edited. I am confident the substituted words still convey the original intent.]

Convicted gay sex offender loses initial bid to muzzle pro-family website MassResistance

Jul 18, 2012 13:54 EST

July 18, 2012 ( - A convicted sex abuser who has filed a one million dollar suit against the pro-family group Mass Resistance suffered a setback last week when his motion for a preliminary injunction to silence the group was rejected by the presiding judge.

“Maine may not punish, through criminal sanction, an individual’s actions that are protected by the free speech clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution,” wrote District Judge Patricia G. Worth in her decision, signed on July 11.

Meanwhile, a police chief that Adam E. Flanders has repeatedly claimed supported his lawsuit and described his sex abuse charge as akin to “stealing a candy bar” has disputed Flanders’ account of events in a LifeSiteNews (LSN) interview. LSN has also learned that in addition to the sex abuse charge, Flanders has been convicted of assaulting a minor with whom he had a sexual relationship, as well as the boy’s father, with a knife.

Flanders, a Belfast, Maine homosexual who was convicted in 2008 of sexual abuse of a minor and sentenced to three months in jail, has been seeking to force Mass Resistance to remove from its website a copy of a letter Flanders wrote in 2007, accusing a local homosexual “youth group” of facilitating the sexual abuse and exploitation of minors. It also describes Flanders’ own relationships with minors in the group after he had turned 18.

The letter, which was sent to the Maine Christian Civic League and quoted in whole or in part by local newspapers, has been on the Mass Resistance website since 2007 as evidence of the destructive nature of homosexual “youth groups,” which READ THE REST

Convicted Homosexual Sex Offender Adam Flanders Loses Initial Bid to Muzzle MassResistance Website

Americans for Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH)
July 19th, 2012 at 12:00 am

The following is excerpted from an article in the outstanding pro-family news site, LifeSiteNews. Go HERE to read our article containing Flanders’ threatening letter to AFTAH, and HERE for our re-post of his 2007 public letter exposing sexual abuses at a Maine homosexual youth group. Ironically, young Flanders’ desperate and outrageous attempts to erase the 2007 letter from the web have only drawn considerably greater attention to it, and to his adult-child sexual crime as well. Please pray for this lost and confused soul. –Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH

Potential Anti-Christian Violence in Maryland

Solid Snake
Sent: Jul 25, 2012 at 10:50 AM

They posted all the folks who wanted Same-Sex Marriage (SSM) repeal on the ballot in November. Enclosed is a screen shot and a link. The comments are vile looks like they gearing up for something.

Who signed the Md. anti-gay marriage petition?

Washington Blade
July 25, 2012

The names of some 110,000 Maryland residents who signed a petition to force the state’s new marriage equality law onto the November ballot are now publicly available online.

The Washington Blade obtained a database of the names from the Maryland Board of Elections and posted the names here. The list is searchable and includes names, addresses and whether the signature was deemed valid. Click the link below to access the searchable database. (Note: After clicking the link, allow a few moments for the file to load; a search box will appear on the far right side of your screen.) [Read Entirety]

[SlantRight Editor: There is only one reason the homosexual periodical would publish the names of anti-same-sex petition signers; i.e. TO HARRASS PETITION SIGNERS for exercising the rights. I might add the petition signers are in the crowd of 95% of Americans who ARE NOT homosexuals. Do you get what that means? That means that homosexuals ONLY represent 5% of the American population yet everyone is looking the other way as the egregious intent to harass petition signers is evident.]

[SlantRight Editor: The godless blogger link is a repetition of the Washington Blade posting of petition signers and is the “screen shot” Solid Snake refers to.]
Dan Savage Crass Chic-fil-A

Solid Snake
Sent: Jul 25, 2012 at 11:04 PM

This involves Santorum and is pretty gross.

Headline of the Day:

[SlantRight Editor: Since is a reprobate homosexual you can imagine the sick humor he is portraying Rick Santorum in. Underneath the photo the homosexual blogger links to the TMZ story with one word “Details” which is reporting on Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day and mentioning there would be a counter-protest nationally by homosexuals which was a complete fizzle compared to the outstanding support Chick-fil-A received.]

It’s pretty disgusting. so Chic-fil-A stood up for traditional rights. the perverts are mad because people are standing up. As for the toys being taken off the shelf they should just tell the truth and not blame it on that. Besides after a month or two people will forget their picket signs and go there to eat.

[SlantRight Editor: The above link is joe-my-god posting a letter from Boston Mayor Thomas Merino basically calling Dan Cathy President of Chick-fil-A a bigot and does not want any of his restaurants in Boston. This was dated July 25th so I have to wonder if bigoted against Christian Values Mayor Merino thought of the national support Chic-fil-A received on August 3rd.]

Solid Snake
Sent: Jul 26, 2012 at 12:02 PM

Scotland being tore up over Same-Sex Marriage.

It's Heterosexual Awareness Month
July 26, 2012

95 percent Heterosexual

Some think it's a poe, but this guy is convinced it's real. More amusements here.

[SlantRight Editor: makes fun of the statistic; however research has proven that overwhelmingly those call themselves a heterosexual is at 95%.

SCOTLAND: Archbishop Says He's Ready To Go To Jail Over Same-Sex Marriage

July 26, 2012

"I could see myself going to jail possibly at some point over the next 15 years, if God spares me, if I speak out. I am deeply concerned that today, defending the traditional meaning of marriage is almost considered ‘hate speech’ and branded intolerant. Such a response is undemocratic, closes debate and is highly manipulative. I am conscious of the historic place of the Archdiocese of Glasgow in the history of Christianity in Scotland and of its importance for the Catholic community in particular." - Philip Tartaglia, Archbishop-designate of Glasgow.

Scotland Archbishop is willing to go to jail due to Same-Sex Marriage being tossed about in Glasgow, Scotland.

[SlantRight Editor: If any other blog other than had placed a blog entry about the assault on Christianity in Scotland I would believe it was informational in nature. However, I am fairly certain Joe Jervis meant this to be an announcement of a cultural change highlighting multicultural diversity.]
Blasphemy 101 pt 2

Solid Snake
Sent: Jul 29, 2012 at 4:39 PM

[SlantRight Editor: Unfortunately this means I somehow missed Blasphemy 101 pt 1]

Enclosed here is links of a "gay Jesus" in bed with Freddy Mercury (found on jmg web site but sending link with it if folks wanna read it from another site)

It’s pretty bad I also enclosed a screen shot of it on that whack job jmg site. 

I also included a screen shot in case he decides to take it down.

Jesus and Freddie Mercury: Marriage Made in Heaven cartoon supports equality

Posted by Kittredge Cherry
July 16, 2012
Jesus in Love Blog

A gay Jesus cuddles in bed with rock star Freddie Mercury in “Marriage Made in Heaven” by cartoonist Mr. Fish.

Artist Dwayne Booth, who uses the pen name Mr. Fish, created the image in reaction to a vote banning same-sex marriage in North Carolina this spring. After working through his rage, he decided to highlight the hypocrisy of anti-gay Christians indirectly by showing Jesus in bed with a gay icon.

Conservative Christian voters claimed that their opposition to same-sex marriage is based on the Bible, but in a
statement the artist pointed out that the Bible is open to innumerable interpretations -- including Jesus as a radical hell-raiser who valued outcasts and accepted human differences.

“I chose Freddie Mercury as Jesus’ partner because, a.) he is immediately recognizable as a gay icon and b.) there is something both holy and tragic about Mercury’s life and premature death. In many ways it is a narrative that is not dissimilar to the Jesus narrative, both figures inspiring of love and beauty and self-assuredness removed from corporeal existence way too soon. In that way, they seemed like a perfect match,” Booth told the Jesus in Love Blog.

Mercury (1946-1991) was the lead singer and

[SlantRight Editor: How disgusting is this?! This character deifies Freddy Mercury on the same level as the Lord Jesus Christ. God have mercy on his soul. the unholy homosexual reprises the same crudeness.]

Kevin Jennings Backs NYC Candidate

Solid Snake
Sent: Aug 2, 2012 at 9:28 AM

I have found a list for this year the NYC City Council is up for reelection. A potential candidate released the identity of his backers and Kevin Jennings is among them as well as Lt Dan Choi and a former (State) Supreme Court Judge Karen Smith. A lot of folks from Chelsea Hotel, even Joe Solmoese and Joe Jervis [SlantRight: AKA the blasphemer] signed it. Here is the link [I am guessing one of the links below]. Too bad this does not say how much they gave this guy. Also they put up a video on Vimeo that violates their terms of service you would be intrigued to see.

Council Candidate Corey Johnson Rolls Out List of 500 Endorsers

8/01/12 5:38pm

West side City Council candidate Corey Johnson can safely be claimed the early front-runner in the race to replace Christine Quinn,  having already maxed out in fundraising and now rolling a rather impressive list of over 500 neighborhood leaders who he says back him for the seat.

In an email titled, “Boom!” the Johnson campaign says: READ THE REST

[SlantRight Editor: blasphemer recaps the previous link except he adds a disclaimer.]

DISCLOSURE: Johnson is an acquaintance of mine and my name appears in the portion of the list for supporters who live outside his district.

[When I clicked this link it went to this link:]  

Where The Bears Are - Episode 1 BEAR DOWN

July 31, 2012

WATCH THIS SHOW AT … [I ain’t posting that link]
And follow us at … [Yeah, forget that as well]


In the opener, roommates Nelson Dorkoff, Reggie Hatch and Wood Burns (Ben Zook, Rick Copp, Joe Dietl) wake up the morning after a blow out party at their house to find a hot young bear cub in bed with Nelson and a very dead body in their bathtub.

[SlantRight Editor: I can see why Solid Snake writes this video violates Vimeo’s terms of service. The picture prior to clicking the video has two big bubbas one on top of the other in underwear. And when I say “big bubbas” I am talking a couple of huge obese dudes. EEEWWWWWW-Nasty. And Vimeo removed a MassResistance video because homosexuals complained about.]  

[SlantRight Editor: the blasphemer reprises the video.]

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