Sunday, June 19, 2011

URGENT: I Really Need Your Help RIGHT NOW!

Move America Forward is a pro-Troop organization that does everything from advocating issues that benefit the U.S. Military to sending care packages of things our military personal fighting to keep America free actually need.

Move America Forward blogger Danny Gonzalez has sent an email out asking for the word to get out that the annual Troopathon raising money will be on the Internet May 23, 2011.

JRH 6/19/11
URGENT: I Really Need Your Help RIGHT NOW!

By Danny Gonzalez
Sent: 6/19/2011 9:26 AM
Troopathon IV

Dear Friends,

MAF Blogger Danny here, I am writing to you because we are now only 5 days away from our Troopathon, and I'm in desperate need of your help right now!

Myself and my colleagues here at Move America Forward have been working around-the-clock to SPREAD THE WORD about Troopathon, our annual drive to send a huge shipment of care packages to troops for the summer.

I need your help to let everyone know about this amazing event.
RSVP to the Troopathon Event on Facebook
TWEET with the #troopathon hashtag!

We all know how difficult it is to be deployed overseas, especially during the summer months! Thats why it's important that we make Troopathon a success.

In order to ensure a successful Troopathon, and make sure we send as many care packages to our troops as possible, we MUST get the WORD OUT about Troopathon IV "Remember Their Sacrifice".

We have some great guests on this show, from our wonderful hosts Melanie Morgan and Roger Hedgecock, our co-hosts Andrew Breitbart and S.E. Cupp, and guests like Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, and Gary Sinise.

It would be a terrible waste to put on a show of this caliber and waste it on too small an audience...we want people to see Troopathon and see how many great pro-troop celebrities are involved!

In previous years we have raised tons of money to send care packages to the troops with our annual Troopathons. Last year we raised over $700,000. If we don't raise at least that much this year, it's going to be a huge let-down for the pro-troop community, and sadly...our troops will not reap the benefits of the hundreds of tons of care packages that we could be sending... don't let our troops down this year...spread the word about this event.

I'm asking for your time and assistance - help us spread the word about Troopathon to EVERYONE you know!
Ask them to tell their friends too!

Use the links below to accomplish our goals!
RSVP to the Troopathon Event on Facebook
TWEET with the #troopathon hashtag!
About Move America Forward

Just a note: The MAF website was hacked and is down as of this posting. I expect it to be fixed in short order because of the Troopathon. The Troopathon page has not been hacked.

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