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Martial Law coming to America Conspiracy Theory

FEMA Regions Map

John R. Houk
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It’s Conspiracy Theory time. Tony Newbill sent three YouTube links without comment with the subject heading: “Military Insider Reveals Martial Law Plans Martial Law and FEMA Camps”:

In the first video an interview is conducted with an anonymous soldier who claims there are foreign troops in America NOW. The troops are from various nations, some are Western nations and incredibly Soldier X says there are 20,000 Chinese troops in Florida. When he says “Chinese” I have to assume he means Communist Chinese rather than Taiwanese troops.

Interspersed throughout the video are mini-bites of info about forced Japanese internment on American soil. Notably the video says that two-thirds of the Japanese internees were born on American soil hence were American citizens. Of this suggests that one-third of the interned Japanese were foreign born Japanese.

Now it does sound very un-American to force Japanese-Americans and Japanese nationals here in America to be forced legally into Military built village camps; however the time frame of the 1940s it is understandable. Most German-Americans and Italian-Americans had gone to great lengths to move into the American motto of E Pluribus Unum – Out of many, one. German and Italian Americans moved to America to start a new life.

I am not saying the same thing did not applied to Japanese immigrants and the next generation that became American born citizens; however the Japanese culture much like the Chinese and other Oriental Asian Cultures place a premium on honoring their ancestors on a level that Americans and the typical European immigrants could not understand without suspicion in the 1940s. The perception of honoring ancestors in America has the appearance of ancestor worship.

For the Japanese the Emperor was a deified god. Can you imagine that? The Japanese Emperor (Hirohito at the time) was regarded as a god on earth by the typical Japanese person. Thus on December 7, 1941 on the sneak attack by Japan on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii there would not be a rousing condemnation from Japanese living on American soil that had emigrated from Japan.

A great book written by Michelle Malkin entitled, “In Defense of Internment: The Case for Racial Profiling in World War II and the War on Terror,” is a great book that used original sources to place Japanese internment in a better light of understanding with the resources America had in the 1940s engaging in a war with Imperial Japan. Daniel Pipes reviewed the Malkin book which included a brief six-point description:

·       Within hours of the attacks on Pearl Harbor, two American citizens of Japanese ancestry, with no prior history of anti-Americanism, shockingly collaborated with a Japanese soldier against their fellow Hawaiians.

·       The Japanese government established "an extensive espionage network within the United States" believed to include hundreds of agents.

·       In contrast to loose talk about "American concentration camps," the relocation camps for Japanese were "spartan facilities that were for the most part administered humanely." As proof, she notes that over 200 individuals voluntarily chose to move into the camps.

·       The relocation process itself won praise from Carey McWilliams, a contemporary leftist critic (and future editor of the Nation), for taking place "without a hitch."

·       A federal panel that reviewed these issues in 1981-83, the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians, was, Ms. Malkin explains, "Stacked with left-leaning lawyers, politicians, and civil rights activists – but not a single military officer or intelligence expert."

·       The apology for internment by Ronald Reagan in 1988, in addition to the nearly $1.65 billion in reparations paid to former internees was premised on faulty scholarship. In particular, it largely ignored the top-secret decoding of Japanese diplomatic traffic, codenamed the MAGIC messages, which revealed Tokyo's plans to exploit Japanese-Americans.

Malkin’s demonstrates that Japanese internment was not as evil as the history books say it was. Granted, there should have been investigations to prove the loyalty of Japanese-Americans to America. There is no possible way that the Japanese as a whole were pro-Japan. Indeed, the majority of Japanese in America were quite loyal. The Japanese had a description of different classes according to their emigration status:

·       Issei

·       Nisei

·       Sansei

·       Yonsei

·       Gosei

·       Kibei

The primary concern to the American government was the Issei, Nisei and Kibei:

The people that were forced into the Internment camps were divided into three groups - Nisei, Issei, and Kibei. The Nisei group integrated people that were born in the United States but their parents had immigrated to the U.S. The Issei group included the people that had themselves emigrated to the U.S. from Japan. The third group, Kibei, was made up of people that were actually Nisei but had been educated for the most part in Japan.

Most of the camps were generally peaceful and quiet. The only camp with considerable problems was the Tule Lake Relocation Center; located at the California - Oregon border. Tule Lake was selected as a segregation center for those in the camps whom asserted their loyalty to Japan over the United States. The Department of Justice also placed several internees there that were considered disloyal to America. The army was forced to tighten control as the strikes and demonstrations grew in number
. (Japanese - American Internment Camps; section - Divisions in the Internment Camps;

The Issei were born in Japan and immigrated to America. The Nisei were born in America. The Kibei were born in America but sent back by Issei parents to Japan to be educated. The biggest concerns for the American government during WWII were the Issei and Kibei.


The Japanese terms, Issei, Nisei and Kibei, are defined and explained in the Committee's 1943 Report at page 322. Briefly re-stated, the Issei are alien Japanese, virtually all of whom are loyal to Japan and Hirohito. Fanatical in their belief in the Shinto-Kodo-Bushido dogmas, they keep pretty much to themselves in the relocation centers. The Nisei are second-generation, American-born sons and daughters of Japanese alien parents and, therefore, citizens of the United States. The greater part of the Nisei have attended the public schools on the west coast, and the majority of them attended Japanese language schools. The Kibei are Nisei (second-generation, American-born Japanese) who have been sent to Japan, allegedly for educational purposes. During their stay in Japan the Kibei were indoctrinated with the Shinto-Kodo-Bushido virus and, as a general rule, feel a deep loyalty to everything Japanese. The ideology of Kadoism, like the doctrine of race-superiority of the German Nazis, dominates the minds of the present generation of alien Japanese and the Kibeis. Until Pearl Harbor the Issei, holding the purse strings, exerted considerable influence over the Nisei and Kibei and kept them pretty much in "Kodo" ("the way of the Emperor")
. (From Un-American Activities Having special reference to Japanese Problems in California; California State Senate Journal of April 16, 1945; Excerpted section SHINTO-KODO-BUSHIDO)

The point I am drawing is that Japanese internment was not as heinous for the times. Although the days of America at war with Japan paints a picture terminating civil rights of American citizens is a distinct violation of the Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

The video about foreign troops in America prepared to institute martial law seems farfetched to me; however it is not beyond the realm of the U.S. government to institute martial law for reasons of catastrophe or war on American soil.

Here is Part two sent by Tony Newbill:

The first video uses the foreign troops on American soil and the internment of Japanese to demonstrate what the American government is capable of when a perceived crisis occurs on our homeland. The official bureaucratic department that is tagged by the government for national emergencies is the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). FEMA is tasked to operate independently when the Federal government is handicapped for whatever reason. FEMA is theme of Part Two.

Since this a Conspiracy Theory video there is an examination of the dark potential of FEMA as if it is the course that will happen in America with no ifs, ands or buts. Frankly I agree a system like FEMA could be manipulated for nefarious purposes; however such a manipulation would need specific parameters which would include no national communication with the Federal government thus cutting off continuity throughout the country.

I don’t see that happening without a successful act of war attack on American soil that brings down the American infrastructure that connects our Union of States. Also there is the possibility of an all encompassing natural disaster on the scale of science fiction that derails the American infrastructure.

FEMA has released a strategic response plan for national disasters for the years of 2011 – 2014. Here is the page billed as an overview of that plan:

FEMA 2011 – 2014 Strategic Plan Overview

The Strategic Plan provides the foundation for how FEMA is going to continue to work with its partners to develop the emergency management team to include Federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial governments; private sector and non-governmental organizations; faith-based and community-based organizations; and the American public. The plan is centered-around four initiatives to enhance the Nation's resilience:

1.     Foster a Whole Community Approach to Emergency Management Nationally –FEMA will work with the state, local, tribal, and territorial governments to encourage emergency managers at all levels to engage more effectively with and support local communities in activities that, directly or indirectly, build preparedness and resilience.

2.     Build the Nation's Capacity to Stabilize and Recover From a Catastrophic Event – Embracing a whole community approach, FEMA will build the Nation's capacity to stabilize a catastrophic event within 72 hours, restore basic services and community functionality within 60 days, and recover from the long-term effects of the event within five years.

3.     Build Unity of Effort and Common Strategic Understanding Among the Emergency Management Team - To build unity of effort and a common strategic understanding among all team members, FEMA will work with its partners to identify the top threats and hazards—and opportunities—across the country to effectively plan, assess gaps, mitigate, and build capabilities to address risk-based requirements.

4.     Enhance FEMA's Ability to Learn and Innovate as an Organization - FEMA will work to improve its capability to learn from past experience and adapt to quickly changing conditions.

The Strategic Plan builds on existing strategic documents and is directly related to the President's National Security Strategy, the Department of Homeland Security Quadrennial Homeland Security Review, and the FEMA Administrator's Intent for Fiscal Year 2012 – 2016.

Additionally, the Plan considers the implications of a changing strategic environment for the emergency management community. Several broad themes will be especially important to FEMA and the field of emergency management over the next ten to twenty years: the increased empowerment of individuals due to technological innovation; the evolving security environment; shifts in the demographic makeup of the population; and changes in the man-made and natural environments. Understanding the future environment will enable FEMA to be more flexible and innovative as current approaches and strategies are adjusted to navigate the future for the emergency management community.

The FEMA 2011-2014 Strategic Plan builds on the progress FEMA has made to date to create a stronger organization contributing to a more capable emergency management community. The success of this Plan is dependent on the full engagement and support of individuals and the entire emergency management community. The Agency's progress in implementing the Strategic Plan will be tracked, managed, and assessed using performance metrics and program milestone schedules. These metrics will be included in established performance management mechanisms to continually assess the implementation of the four initiatives.

Last Modified: Monday, 14-Mar-2011 11:53:10 EDT

Is this overview sanitized to mislead the public?

In the Part Two video there is a reference to Fusion Centers. The Center for Health & Homeland Security provides information of the purpose of FEMA Fusion Centers. Most of the information tells how urban centers can apply for funding of a local Fusion Center, but there is one paragraph that gives a glimpse:

DHS continues to make building and enhancing a national network of fusion centers a top priority. States and urban areas are required to include at least one investment that supports a fusion center as part of their UASI and SHSP grant applications.  Fusion centers are intended to serve as focal points within the State and local environment for the receipt, analysis, gathering, and sharing of threat-related information between all levels of government and the private sector.  UASI and SHSP grantees must coordinate with the fusion center when developing a fusion center investment prior to submitting their application.

A significant amount of information is based on a Jesse Ventura series on TruTV entitled, “Conspiracy Theory”. The episode of controversy showing FEMA in a bad light is entitled, “FEMA CAMP, POLICE STATE”.

For Conspiracy Theorists this episode with Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones is the smoking gun of proof that the Federal government is in preparation to change our Constitutional republic into something like the rule of law by despotic fiat.


The enforcing powers of the Federal government forced TruTV to remove the episode. Alex Jones when asked for the reason said something like some men dressed in black came to visit ordering not to talk.

Here is an excerpt from the article that speaks of the nefarious nature of FEMA Fusion Centers across America:

According to Alex Jones, truTV pulled the episode from the airing schedule due to government threats. Jones added that he isn't allowed to talk about it, something to do with government men in black showing up, and "they are now remotely erasing it off of DVRs." In theory, these videos posted at the bottom of this article are not expected to stay up on YouTube very long before being pulled. I advise you to also watch it and see if it makes you go hmmmm.

During Ventura's exposé, he says, "That Government plan to suspend the Constitution, declare martial law, and round up anyone deemed a National Security threat, it's documented; it's called Rex 84. It was cooked up under the Reagan Administration by Col. Oliver North." He adds that the Council of Governors, established by President Obama on Jan. 11, 2010, divides America into 10 sectors. In case of a national emergency, the country is quarantined into these sectors and the president can send in the military and round up dissidents. Where would these people be taken?

FEMA camps? Ventura and Jones visited "residential centers" that were designed by Halliburton and others to hold whole families. Ventura said they look like prisons with barbed wire, double fences, railroad tracks just like Nazi Germany, and were intended for rounding up immigrants, aliens and also dissidents. The bill H.R. 645 called for the creation of these camps to be run by Homeland Security.

Activist William Lewis on Ventura's show said he has found over 800 detention facilities -- concentration prison camps. They can even be found on old military bases; a way to spot them is supposedly the barbed wire. If the barbed wire is turned inward, it's meant to keep the people in from getting out. Most barbed wire that protects facilities is designed pointing outward to keep people from getting in.

Then Ventura and Jones traveled to Madison, Georgia, where they saw hundreds of thousands of stacked plastic coffins that could hold four bodies per container. Again, the trail seemed to lead to a Halliburton contract. These "coffins" were "officially plastic grave liners with lids." Shortly after taking video of this mass coffin pileup, workers came in and hauled off the coffins. Jones added that he believes FEMA and the CDC may intend to trigger a pandemic to bring in martial law.

In 2009, Popular Science debunked FEMA Camps and the reasoning for the "500,000 plastic coffins" -- just in case you want on opposing investigation viewpoint.

Ventura tried to get answers about the facilities, including why the posted sign on the residential facility used the term "escape" -- which usually implies someone inside is being held against their will. There were many "no comment" answers, even when Ventura went to talk to the congressmen who helped sponsor H.R. 645 and the creation of these "concentration camps." Congressman Jim Gerlach of Pennsylvania "left his office" when Ventura showed up for an interview. Another co-sponsor of H.R. 645, Congressman Steve Cohen of Tennessee, said FEMA camps "don't exist."

In case you didn’t know, Ventura is an equal opportunity person of dislike for all things relating to the Federal government. It does not matter if leadership is Democrat or Republican, if it is the Federal government do not trust them. The author of the post found the Ventura episode on YouTube but suspects it will be pulled by the powers that be. The YouTube version of “FEMA CAMP, POLICE STATE” is divided into three parts: one, two and three.

Here is the link to Part Three of “Military Insider Reveals Martial Law Plans Martial Law and FEMA Camps”:

The third part is a display of what might happen in an economic crisis coupled by a rogue nation taking advantage because of its nuclear power by expanding its hegemonic power. In this case the culprit is North Korea that militarily annexes South Korea, then Japan and with the insinuation of grabbing extra Asian regions which must be parts of Communist China. Then the united Korea attacks Hawaii followed by the West Coast of America which drives at least to the Mid-West.

America is divided with no central government and in chaos. Now the thing is I have missed how a ruthless Communist power figures into the theme of a future FEMA dictatorship. Unless, it is an example of what publically will be told in America to unleash a FEMA martial Law as the crisis to prevent the actions of a rogue nation to spread to America.

As part of that set up is a study by the FBI designated as Project Megiddo. The essence of Project Megiddo (a concerned analysis) was to watch internal happenings in America that might be considered extremist. The problem was that the public intention of monitoring known extremists is a bit skimpy in the actual terminology. For example keeping an eye on charismatic individuals with a huge following might lead to a FBI watch of a Charismatic Christian Mega-Churches because that fits the criteria of Project Megiddo as much as it does for the actual extremists. The irony for is that the extremism focused on was from the political spectrum of Right Wing Extremism or religious Extremism. In the late-1990s the report was supposed to be a predictive study about potential circumstances after the year 2000.

The Conspiracy Theorists who do not trust anyone in government point to the Islamic attack of 911 to be a staged government event to begin the process of creating the chaotic crisis that will bring in the FEMA dictatorship of martial law.

Frankly I don’t buy that. All the evidence points to nefarious characters like Osama bin Laden and Mohammed Atta and such Islamic extremists actually planning their Jihad against America to actually spark an American invasion of Muslim lands. The point of al Qaeda’s thinking is that when the kafir (infidel) Americans invade Islamic lands (dar al-Islam), the Muslims would rise independently of their governments to unite the Ummah again to establish a Caliphate to conquer the world for Islam.

Okay, I know, the Caliphate Conspiracy Theory is just a theory; however there is more in radical Islamic writing about ways to return to a global Caliphate than there is for a FEMA martial law dictatorship in America.

JRH 6/27/11

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