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Obama Leadership, Global Fascist and Radical Islam

NoGuff writes about the NWO conspiracy between Leftists and radical Islam.

JRH 4/10/11


Obama Leadership, Global Fascist and Radical Islam


Sent: 04/10/11

Hello my friends,

I have a couple of very important subjects for you to consider; our individual liberty, our current government leading us into world-wide oppression, and the connection between the global Fascists and radical Islam.

Wednesday I got a lot of messages, and recent things connected with them, and so I had to send you this. I'm very sorry about the length.

First is the oppressive agenda of the Left, as led by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, George Soros, Congressional Socialist Democraps and their controlling group (as admitted by Sen. Chuck Schumer recently) the Democratic Socialists of America (the D.S.A., as I told you about before).

Below are two articles, and a video that's a portion of a documentary by a former state legislator, who was heavily ridiculed publicly for voicing his conclusions. He dared say there were Communists in the USA.

These articles and the video seem like they're about three different topics, but once you review them you'll find they are not.

"Interpol chief calls for global electronic identity card system"

Thanks to my friend HorseofPaulRevere for the referral.

"CBO: Taxing mileage a 'practical option' for revenue enhancement"

Thanks to my friend IntellectualAddict for the referral.

"Agenda: Grinding America Down"

Thanks to my friend conleec for the referral.

Are you starting to see the bigger picture? Let's begin with the mileage tracking. The tax revenue excuse is a ruse. Or at least it’s about killing two birds with one stone. What they want to do is acquire data about your movements; where you go, when, and how often, all as part of their long term goal of getting us off of driving and owning cars. You do realize there are parts of London that you can't drive your car in, right? The excuse is to relieve congestion and pollution. Big Brother will be watching you, and you'll be paying him to.

Next, an international (global) I.D. card for everyone is simply an official citizenship I.D. and tracking system for a one-world government. How do you prove you're a citizen of your state? You have official state I.D.

If you have an official international I.D., issued from a global authority, what differentiates you from a "global citizen?" The official transfer of authority to a one-world government after everyone has accepted the global citizen I.D. would merely be a FORMALITY.

It would happen almost overnight, and no one would be up in arms in riots, even though your Constitutional rights had just been revoked. No wars between countries, even though their leaders had surrendered their sovereignty to a global government (the U.N.). No nothing. Then the minutia of changing everyone's paperwork would be an ongoing clerical thing.

Only over the next few years when people are told to start learning the new laws of the land, and not look to Washington for their true representation will the American People start to figure it all out, especially when the next General Election came around. Because our press and politicians won't tell us straight up "there is no more USA and you aren't Americans anymore, you are global citizens and the highest authority is not Congress or the President. It's the U.N. Secretary General, Security Council, and the General Assembly, in which the USA has only one vote." And there will be nothing we can do about it. And if we do, law enforcement will be ordered into their tactical gear, complete with M16 rifles, and keep us in our place.

Once again, read up on Agenda 21. (*SlantRight Editor: See HERE)

The video speaks for itself. Don't ever let anyone tell you Communists don't exist. Those who tell you that are Communists themselves or at least Communist sympathizers. One of their tactics to staying off everyone's radar is to perpetuate the myth that they don't exist. Meanwhile they hack away at our culture & government every day.

Now try these facts on for size:

Votes of the members of the UN General Assembly compared to votes by the USA.

Also includes a cross-reference to how much monetary aid they receive from the USA.

A State Dept. report on U.N. vote data from 2008.

Thanks to my friend hawkermustang for the referral.

Note in that report that even our closest allies, The United Kingdom and Canada, vote with the USA only around 40% of the time. Of course, it’s no wonder considering the stranglehold the Leftists have over those two nations these days, am I right? Israel, though, hated so much by the Left (wonder why?), votes with us around 60+% of the time. And isn't it funny that the U.N. is always on Israel's back? Hmmmm.... I wonder why.

"The United Nations is Automatically Pro-Muslim and Corrupt (Part 1/2)"
Lou Dobbs, CNN  

"The United Nations is Automatically Pro-Muslim and Corrupt (Part 2/2)"

And do you recall the recent riots and murders by Muslims over the Koran burning? Try this one on for size:

"Muslim Palestinians Desecrate Christian Graves - U.N. Silent"  

And I didn't know about this until today (Wednesday). And who was running the Administration and the Justice Department at the time? Hmmmm.....

"Was Timothy McVeigh Working for Bin Laden & Al Qaeda?"
FNC-The O'Reilly Factor

Uploaded by my friend cnin242 The Conservative Monster.

Thanks to my friend CalifSunshine2008 for the referral.

And here's another little tid-bit for those who still don't know that the Leftist press pushed our Leftist-led NATO member governments into a war against the wrong people in the Balkans in the 1990s.

"Serbian Concentration Camp fabrication"  

Funny how one of the few remaining mostly-White DEVOUT Christian nations in Europe suffered a systematic bombing campaign by UN-sanctioned forces, and also suffered loss of sovereign land which was disputed by Muslims, and suffered brutal violence and intimidation by Muslims ever since.

They used to live side-by-side with the Muslims, but were never intimidated into hiding their Christian beliefs and culture. They never took any guff from the Muslims. The one thing they never anticipated was the Leftists in the Western press & governments conspiring to destroy them on behalf of the Muslims.

The result of backing independence for Kosovo under Muslim authority has been the ethnic cleansing, rape, and murder of thousands upon thousands of Kosovo Christians who had been there for generations. And the blatant and open destruction of Christian churches throughout Kosovo.

"† Kosovo, what have we done?"

Thanks to my friend 1kewldude2 for the video.

But hey, I could be just totally wrong about all of this.



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